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Go green: private villas take on responsible tourism while being mindful of the planet's needs

In a world of shrinking resources, global warming and constant environmental threats, villa managers have joined the drive towards responsible tourism. When you are surrounded by glorious savannah, pristine beach, verdant forest or the untrammelled romance of the Winelands, going green just makes sense.

Designed with the environment in mind, yet uncompromising on comfort, our top choice of eco-friendly villas promises a stylish and guilt-free holiday. From energy-saving lighting to specialised water conservation systems, each villa plays a vital role in eco-wise travel. Savour exquisite views from your sustainable timber deck or relax with a cool drink in a solar-heated swimming pool as you do your bit to help conserve the environment. 

Our team of experienced Villa Experts are here to tailor-make your dream vacation.

Tanya Ellis
Africa Safari Expert

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