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Wilderness Safaris provides highly memorable, authentic African experiences that are fun and educational but place a firm emphasis on environmental conservation. Currently operating over 60 lodges across Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles, Wilderness Safaris has established itself as the leading safari operator in southern Africa and is the recipient of multiple international tour operator awards.

Its lodges do not have one particular style; instead they celebrate the individuality of each region and its wildlife, resulting in each camp having its own atmosphere and character. The cuisine varies according to location but Wilderness camps tend to favour seasonal, wholesome meals at elegantly set dining tables rather than the "nouvelle cuisine" preferred by other lodges, and there's a strong social element to mealtimes with guests discussing the day's events with their guides.

Wilderness Safaris bases its business philosophy on "The 4Cs": Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. And it's no surprise to see Conservation first on the list: Wilderness Safaris is above all a company dedicated to responsible, conservation-based tourism throughout the areas in which it operates. It strives to provide an unforgettable safari experiences but never at the cost of the local environment, and by including and empowering local communities, this company is at the forefront of sustainable African eco-travel.

Wilderness Safaris also delights in the "interpretive experience" approach to an African safari: not only do they offer expertly-led game drives in prime game-viewing areas but personal guides interpret every aspect of nature encountered from termite mounds and dung beetles to the social behaviour of lion prides.

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