Your 8-day safari encompasses three of Kenya’s iconic wildlife destinations: Nairobi National Park, Amboseli and the famed Masai Mara.

Begin at Nairobi Tented Camp, where a host of big game encounters await you in the unique Nairobi National Park. Continue to the Selenkay Adventure Camp near Amboseli, where you have the thrill of camping in the wild in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Next comes the incredible Masai Mara, where the Great Migration creates a spectacle like none other seen on the planet - millions of animals on the move across the grassy plains.

Perfect for the adventurous at heart, this journey promises incredible wildlife encounters and gets you close to nature without compromising comfort.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Witness the thrill of the Great Migration
  • Day & night game drives
  • Safari walks to find smaller game
  • Excellent Big 5 & predator action
  • Maasai cultural village tour
  • Mobile camping to keep pace with the herds

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1

Safari in the city

On arrival at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be met by your guide and taken to Nairobi Tented Camp. Within ten minutes of leaving the airport, your game drives begins as you enter Nairobi National Park. Despite being close to the city, this reserve contains a multitude of big game and you keep your eyes peeled for a sighting of giraffes, buffalos or even lions lurking somewhere in the shade.

Arriving at the camp, you have time to enjoy a delicious lunch and settle into your canvas suite before your afternoon’s game drive.

In the golden light of the late afternoon, you venture out into the park, where the chance of spotting a rare rhinoceros is a very real possibility, as well as having the unique opportunity to photograph African plains game with the skyscrapers of Nairobi in the background!

Returning to camp in the early evening, enjoy a scrumptious dinner by candle light before slipping off to bed, serenaded by the sounds of the African night outside.

Day 2

Secrets of Selenkay

Depart Nairobi tented Camp after breakfast, and head to the airport for you flight south. Soon you land at the Selenkay Airstrip and immediately you notice the looming bulk of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. Your guide takes you on a game drive through the Selenkay Conservancy that borders Amboseli, and shortly thereafter you arrive at Selenkay Adventure Camp. This rustic encampment captures the essence of an adventurous safari without compromising on comfort. Accommodation is in large dome tents with attached bathrooms that feature flush toilets and safari bucket showers, nestling in the shade of trees.

Heading into the Selenkay Conservancy, you seek out a multitude of big game in the enigmatic light of an equatorial afternoon. Red dust billows around a herd of buffalo on the move, the sunlight creating an intriguing interplay of shadow and colour.

As the sun dips on to the horizon, your guide selects a scenic spot alongside a waterhole where you can stretch your legs, and produces a hamper crammed with ice cold drinks and snacks. As the sky changes colour and the landscape before takes on shadowy hues of purples and golds, you raise your glass in a salute to the glorious African sunset.

As the stars begin to appear in the great arching dome of sky above, you make your way back to camp while your guide deftly wields a spotlight to look for nocturnal animals as they emerge into the darkness. A hyena looks at the vehicle curiously, eyes glowing in the light, before silently melting back into the night. Genets leap acrobatically through the trees, bush babies peer at you with enormous eyes, and porcupines shuffle through the undergrowth…

Day 3

Visit the Masai

Enjoy a morning’s wildlife spotting in the conservancy before paying a visit to a nearby Maasai village. You are welcomed into a manyatta home and witness at first hand the daily life of these proud, red-clad nomads who have a close bond with their cattle and their environment. Visiting their encampment, you see how barriers of thorns are made to keep predators at bay, which is still a reality for these herders. Walking with them for a while, experience how they have lived in harmony with the land and their animals for hundreds of years.

The late afternoon is once again given over to a game drive in the conservancy to seek out the resident big cats and other game. Stopping at a waterhole for a sundowner, you watch in silence as a herd of elephants appear from the dusk. Nothing but almost inaudible rumbles breaks the calm of the evening light, and as the herd begin to drink, you hear only gentle splashes coming across the water. Marvelling at how quiet such large animals can be, you remain breathlessly spellbound by this primal scene until, like ghosts, the elephants turn and melt into the gathering night.

Day 4

Into Amboseli

A freshly brewed hot drink delivered to your door awakes you from your slumber, and you quickly find yourself enjoying breakfast in the cool dawn air. Setting off in the safari vehicle with your guide, you drive into Amboseli National Park.

Famed for its population of enormously tusked elephants, this is the place to capture iconic images of Africa’s largest land mammal with Kilimanjaro - Africa’s largest free-standing mountain - as a compelling backdrop.

The game drive continues through the park, leading you through acacia woodlands where you scrutinise the gnarled branches that provide the perfect shady spot for a resting leopard. Leaving the park as the sun lowers towards the horizon, you arrive back at the camp in time for a sundowner drink. Gazing at the light show in the sky while delicious aromas drift from the kitchen, you feel the raw energy of this magical place, and feel very much a part of it.

Day 5

The majesty of the Masai Mara

After breakfast, you depart Selenkay Adventure camp and fly south to the Mara, with a short stop in Nairobi along the way.

Your guide meets you at the airstrip and takes you for a game drive through the Ol Kinyei Conservancy, a private concession bordering the Mara, and soon you arrive at Porini Bush Camp. Designed on the principles of a mobile camp that moves with the herds, the camp leaves a light footprint without compromising on comfort. Open only during the Migration season, Porini Bush Camp puts you in a front-row seat to witness the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth.

Between July and October, in excess of a million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles gather on the plains of the Mara, having braved treacherous river crossings teeming with enormous crocodiles and a host of hungry predators that pursue them. They arrive en masse during this period to take advantage of the bounty of new grazing that the rains have stimulated in the preceding weeks, creating a scene of such wonder that few are left unmoved by the sight of rolling plains swarming with animals.

Your guide unlocks the secrets of this fascinating world with you, how the interconnecting web of life fits together, who depends on whom, and where the animals are to be found.

Under the spell of the endless plains, you watch the herds on the move; find the lurking predators, wonder at the silent passage of a multitude of elephants. As the sun dips toward the horizon, your guide selects a scenic spot to stretch your legs, and a sundowner hamper appears. You stand gazing at an unending vista, cool drink in hand while the sun paints the sky in otherworldly colours, marvelling at the wildness and beauty of the moment.

Day 6

Ol Kinyei & Naibosho

Setting off on your morning game drive, the pace is dictated by the sights and sounds that you encounter. The Ol Kinyei and Naibosho Conservancies are blessed with open savannah plains, riverine forests, springs, streams and rivers, rolling hills and spectacular views over the adjacent Mara. This stunning scenery forms the backdrop for encounters with the resident game that includes leopards and large lion prides. The Migration season creates a time of plenty for these predators, and the promise of sudden, thrilling action is never far away!

Your guide’s knowledge and intuition here are key, coupled with an incredible familiarity with this environment and the animals within it. Knowing when a herd of elephants are heading for water, which mounds a cheetah may use as a lookout point or which thicket provides the leopard with a secluded den are all skills that come from a lifetime of experience and a life lived in these wide open spaces.

Day 7

Into the Mara

Sunrise sees you on your way into the Masai Mara itself, Kenya’s most famous reserve. Along with the teeming herds that cover the plains, you are also on the lookout for the Big 5, which are year-round residents of this ecosystem.

Exiting the Mara reserve in the late afternoon, you continue your game into the Ol Kinyei Conservancy. As dusk falls and the first stars appear, you begin a night drive back to camp. In the light of a spotlight, you look for nocturnal animals as they appear for an evening’s foraging and hunting: a hyena’s eyes glow red in the light as it moves in its peculiar lolloping gait across the path; a genet moves like quicksilver in the boughs of a tree, and you breathlessly wonder if you will encounter the prince of darkness: a leopard.

Day 8

Homeward bound

After a final hearty breakfast, bid Porini Bush Camp and the Mara farewell as you drive back to the airstrip. As you fly back to Nairobi, you gaze out the window at the endless and primal landscape below. Reminiscing on the adventures of the previous days, you recall the magical moments you have had- the sight of rhinos in the wild, the sunset over the Masai Mara’s plains... All of these will remain with you forever, and compel you to return to Africa. 


  • 1 night accommodation at Nairobi Tented Camp on full board basis
  • 3 nights accommodation at Selenkay Adventure Camp on full board basis
  • 3 nights accommodation at Porini Bush Camp on full board basis
  • Return airstrip transfers
  • Day and night shared game drives in 4x4 safari vehicle with qualified guide
  • Guided bush walks with Maasai warriors and visit to Maasai village


  • International flights
  • Airport taxes
  • All meals and drinks not specified
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature

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  • 01 Aug 2017 - 30 Sep 2017 $4570
  • 01 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017 $4150

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