I was born in the Mother City – Cape Town. I studied at both Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town, which enabled me to explore the Winelands region as well as experience the diversity and cultures of the city. I love my hometown because of everything it has to offer – the white beaches and refreshing seawater that gives a kickstart to your day, the unlimited hiking trails through the famous fynbos, and eating out at all the incredible restaurants that the city has to offer!

Client Advice

When travelling, do it with an open mind. This allows you to experience things out of your comfort zone, and make unforgettable memories. You’re on holiday so let lose, take it slow and see what each amazing African country has to offer!

Sundowner of Choice

Geometrics Gin and sugar-free tonic with grapefruit.

Never Goes on Safari Without

Binoculars - no-one wants to share!

Most Memorable Sighting

It's either being charged by a rhino and having to reverse through the bush to get away, or watching 100 elephants stampede down to the watering hole.