About Me

I grew up in an area called Woodstock, located right outside the city of Cape Town. Back then it was a rough area infested with drug dealers and gangs. Fortunately, I grew up and away from the troublemakers and finished high school in one piece. I then started my journey in the corporate world at an insurance brokerage as an administrative assistant where I learnt so much about insurance and sales. I became thirsty for growth and ventured on to various other positions in sales, mostly in the financial sector. My older sister started her own company and I eagerly joined the family business in property finance. My sister was always the more ambitious one out of the two of us: I really looked up to her and eventually started my own little clothing label, selling my designs online.

In my early 20s I got bitten by the travel bug and it sparked a strong desire to see the rest of the world. A serious passion for travel was ignited in me and ever since I haven’t stopped exploring our beautiful planet. My love for animals is also something I appreciate about travelling; seeing the planet’s unique and odd creatures is always such a mind-blowing experience.

I love nature and any wildlife - from bugs to bears - and I am passionate about our planet and exploring every corner of the earth. Most weekends I can be found hiking a new trail, soaking up the sun on the beach and swimming. Besides my love for nature I am also passionate about my health and can be seen five days a week at the gym.

Where I have Travelled

My very first trip outside the Western Cape was to Johannesburg. I was visiting my sister who had moved there temporarily for work and that was my first airplane trip, too. My second trip was a cruise to Mozambique: four days on the ocean and two days in the country, exploring as much as I possibly could. For my birthday one year my sister got me a ticket to France - I also spent some time in London taking the Eurostar back and forth to Paris. I have some friends who teach English to young kids in Vietnam: of course, I had to see them and spent a few days in Ho Chi Minh city. I also spent a week in Malaysia and Doha.

My Recent Travels

I recently returned from Madikwe Private Game Reserve where I enjoyed an incredible sighting of the Big 5. This magnificent private game reserve is undeniably special with so much wildlife to see and so much unchartered terrain. It is essential for those who wish to explore Africa. Pilanesberg National Park has also been part of my recent travels. Neighboring Sun City is also incredible fun for anyone visiting it.

What I Love about Africa

Africa is filled with so much colour and inspiration can be found in every corner of this beautiful continent. It is vastly diverse and drenched in rich heritage and culture, from the many languages spoken to various types of foods and flavours. I also love the weather we have down here: it’s never too cold nor too hot, and we don’t suffer from blizzards of snow or unbearable weeks of heat during the summer.