Where have I travelled?

I have travelled to all nine provinces in South Africa and stayed in some of the popular areas and the not-so-famous small towns. My favourite province is Mpumalanga. I have been there about six times (perhaps more) and I always try to plan another trip to Kruger National Park or surrounds when I can. I have also travelled to Botswana and did a week-long trip in the Okavango Delta. I stayed in Swaziland when I did an overland trip from Kruger to Hluhluwe. My husband and I have visited Victoria Falls and also stayed along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, close to the Botswana, Namibia and Zambian border. I have recently travelled to Kenya and Tanzania and it was an amazing experience.

During the time that I lived in Germany, I travelled to France and Denmark. I went back to Germany a few years ago and I am planning a return trip to my second "home" in the next few years.

My favourite travel moment

My favourite travel moment used to be seeing Table Mountain whenever I return back home, however that has changed since my recent visit to Tanzania. The Ngorongoro Crater is the most breath-taking scene I have ever come across and it is a definite “must see” when you visit Tanzania.

What I love about Africa

Africa is a diverse, beautiful continent with generally humble and welcoming people.

Some African travel advice

Always expect the unexpected and travel with an open mind.

Where I'd love to go next

I would love to go to Ethiopia and Morocco. These countries seem so mystical and they have so much history.