About Me

Despite being born in South Africa, most of my life was spent growing up overseas. I moved to Dubai with my family in 1998 and would only return to South Africa for an annual holiday. Spending my formative years in the Middle East meant that I was not only privileged enough to grow up among a wealth of different cultures, I was also able to travel the world. While most of my time travelling was spent in the northern hemisphere, my favourite moments were spent exploring South Africa. We frequently spent time in the bush, whether it was on my uncle’s farms or on trips to Limpopo with my father. Spending time outside in Dubai was limited because of its intense heat and stretches of beautiful but frequently empty deserts. The South African bush was exciting because it seemed so unexplored to me, around every hill, beneath every bush, up every tree there was something new to see.

It was this unfamiliarity I had with South Africa that brought me back to study at the University of Cape Town. Cape Town was a mystery to me before I came, with only the glimpses of memories left from a short trip to Table Mountain when I was younger. It was during my time at university that I began to concern myself with the socio-cultural side of South Africa and Africa as a continent. I began pursuing everything from South African literature, politics, history and sociology with the hope of one day having it culminate into a career that would help me become an agent of change. It wasn’t until my final year of university that I also began to take interest in our country’s natural side as well and serendipitously that was when I crossed paths with Go2Africa.

While a love for animals and the natural world has always been there, my hope is to also promote the beauty of Africa’s people and cultures. South Africa is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan locations and has such a deep history that make it (and the continent) so much more than just a safari destination. The Big 5 are, of course, a dream for any traveller to see but Africa has so much more to offer than just its animals. I want to show that it’s the perfect destination for any kind of traveller, from history buff to bird watcher, from wine connoisseur to foodie. Most people have only scratched the surface of what is on offer.

Where I have Travelled

Internationally, my travels have been diverse but mostly limited to the northern hemisphere. I’ve been to England, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria and Hong Kong, just to name a few. In South Africa, I’ve travelled all over with my most recent travels taking me to near the Botswana border at Madikwe Private Game Reserve for the first time. Outside South Africa, I’ve had the privilege of seeing Zanzibar but look forward to widening my horizons very soon.

My Favourite Travel Moment

My favourite travel moment is currently tied between traversing the Drakensberg on horseback and coming upon a pride of feeding lionesses while an incredible electric storm was rolling in around us.

What I Love about Africa

Africa is all about diversity. Whether it’s the animals, the flora, the cultures and the history; there is no shortage of things to see and learn. It is the home of the oldest human remains, the world’s longest river and largest desert, two of the world’s natural wonders (albeit at different times) and so much more. What I love about Africa is that I’ll never stop learning and that around every corner there’s another adventure to be had.

Some African Travel Advice

My best advice for people about Africa is to not let your expectations be influenced by other’s experiences. Everybody has a different opinion about Africa, the real beauty of it is arriving with a blank (but informed) canvas and to allow yourself to embrace the journey as your own.

Where I'd Love to Go Next

The rainforests of Rwanda to see the gorillas.