Africa has been good to me, so introducing fellow travellers to the best the continent has to offer while supporting essential community development and conservation initiatives, gives me with endless joy.  

Over the past 23 years, I have lived and worked in, as well as explored most of East and Southern Africa. Highlights include being part of an elephant research program as a field guide in KwaZulu-Natal, running remote research camps in Tanzania, trekking East Africa’s highest mountains, walking with inspirational guides, and spending time with hospitable and warm-hearted communities.  

Currently, home is in the Cape Winelands with my young family, surrounded by beautiful mountains and vineyards. A great place to conjure up exciting travel plans!  

Sundowner of Choice 

Although I live in the Winelands and would never turn down a glass of something lovely, my sundowner of choice will always be a beer. Any beer. Preferably cold, but I’ll take (warm beer) if necessary!  

Expert Tip 

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, modern technology allows you to return from your African adventure with incredible photos. So, remember to put the camera down sometimes and take in the incredible scenes unfolding right in front of you. Using only your senses, all barriers removed. Enjoying experiences like this will remain with you for the rest of your life. 

Favourite Client Story 

An understanding client allowed me to convince him to extend his short Uganda gorilla safari from a couple of days to a two-week exploration that included hidden gems like the Semliki Game Reserve and Kidepo National Park. After the trip, he told me that he travelled with low expectations but was totally blown away by his Ugandan experience. He rated the trip within his top five of all time – and he is very well travelled! I love it when Africa surprises people.  

Loves to Hear 

I enjoy it when clients had such a great trip, they struggle to express their treasured experiences in words. The less you can tell me about your trip, the more you enjoyed it!