About Me

Having been born in Scotland to Austrian and English parents but raised in India, England and South Africa, I can honestly say that I am a citizen of the world. If you really push me however, you’ll find that I am a die-hard Springbok rugby supporter which I guess gives my true colours away.I studied in the UK and South Africa, obtaining a BA (Economics) and a BSc (Computer Science) from the University of Cape Town as well as an MBA from Cranfield University near London. I had a five-year stint in the world of high finance in the City of London but my passion for travel, Africa, marketing and the internet led me to cut my teeth in African travel in the 90s.After 10 years, it seemed natural to establish Go2Africa as the first exclusively internet-based African travel company in 2001.

Where I’ve travelled

All over the world to be honest but my first real African bush trip was in 1981. I travelled around BotswanaZimbabwe and Namibia for six weeks with a group of friends in a couple of battered old Land Rovers. Needless to say, that was when the “safari bug" bit - and bit hard: I have loved visiting the African wilderness ever since.

More recently, I have had the privilege of sharing Africa with my three children - Steff, Kiah and Joe -and this has taught me that an African safari is in fact the ultimate family travel experience. Looking at Africa afresh, through the eyes of children, is both a humbling and invigorating experience.

My favourite travel moments

In Africa it is so often the unexpected moments that you remember the most. Most people come to Africa keen to experience the iconic safari moments such as close-up sightings of the Big 5 but Africa has such natural diversity that you are just as likely to long remember the monkey that raided your breakfast table, the broad honest smile of a Maasai tribesman or the prehistoric enormity of a giant tree in a rainforest. Most of my favourite memories are of the “feel” of a place rather than a specific sighting or event.

What I love about Africa

The feeling of getting away from it all, of getting back to one’s essence. And of course the astonishing night sky - it’s a meditative experience in itself.