I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and from a young age, I had the good fortune of travelling to different parts of Africa. Having explored various areas of southern Africa, my passion for new experiences sparked a desire for travel.

After studying, I moved to Thailand and travelled around Asia. Here, I found myself encouraging like-minded travellers to visit and experience the magic of Africa, while also discovering my love of planning all aspects of adventures to foreign lands. On my return to Cape Town, I eventually found my way to Go2Africa, where I could put my passion into practice.

Never Goes on Safari Without

My Buff! Its versatility is unmatched - it can be used as a scarf, facemask, headscarf, balaclava, hat and headband! I also bring along my journal to keep a written record of all my adventures.

Client Advice

Every safari experience is unique. Whether it be the destinations, the animal sightings or time of year, the bush is full of surprises if you’re open to its magic!

Expert Tip

I always recommend my clients stay at the Savanna Private Game Lodge in South Africa’s Kruger National Park – they have a unique and very memorable surprise for guests up their sleeve!

Clients Always Say

Many of my clients wished they’d spent more time in Cape Town as there is so much to experience!