About Me

I have always been a travelling baby. I am originally from Botswana but spent my childhood moving around South Africa and the world with my family before settling in Cape Town. My love for travel and Africa started at an early age with the adventures we had together and has never stopped. My heart will especially always be in the bush.

My passion in the travel industry and finding new and different places and cultures to explore is the reason I love helping other people. I believe Africa has an incredible future and I love sharing my home with others.

Where have I travelled

I have travelled all around South Africa including Cape Town, the Garden RouteJohannesburgKrugerMadikwe and KwaZulu Natal to name but a few.

In other parts of Africa I have travelled to Swaziland, NamibiaBotswanaMozambiqueKenya, and Tanzania.

My favourite travel moment

It is always difficult to pick just one favourite moment. However, my favourite moment is actually a feeling that always comes back to me. The African bush has the ability to wow and humble in a way no other place can. When you sit still, and take it all in the indescribable feeling of appreciation and wonder, it will change you forever. This feeling is the reason I always return to the bush, and the memory takes me back to the happiest of places.

What I love about Africa

I love Africa because it is one of the most diverse continents in the world. Wherever I travel I meet interesting people and am welcomed with open arms. The warmth in her people and the experiences on offer make it incredibly unique. The natural landscapes and history are so rich – they truly take your breath away.

Some African travel advice

Open your mind and open your heart. Africa will take you on an adventure of a lifetime and you need to fully embrace all she has to offer.

The best way to make the most of a trip is using an expert to help guide you with your itinerary and planning – we are here to ensure you have the dream holiday because we’ve been and explored it ourselves.

Where I'd love to go next

My bucket list for Africa is still full of new places and people to see. However, top of my wishlist is to see Victoria Falls and the beautiful reserves in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Gorilla trekking is also a dream trip for me.

Blog Posts & Recent Travels

Earlier this year, I was very privileged to visit some of Kruger’s best private concessions where I had the most memorable safaris and cultural experiences of my life. The encounters I had with the plains game, bird-life and famous Big 5 are unforgettable.

Have a look at my on-page gallery to see some of my photos!