Growing up in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, my family and I went on several amazing getaways that ignited my passion for travel – the bug set in, and I instantly knew I wanted to spend my life experiencing all that this world has to offer!

I studied Hospitality and Tourism in college for four years and found myself working for two wonderful tour companies before joining Go2Africa as an Africa Safari Expert. Working in the industry has allowed me to travel and collect first-hand knowledge of what makes for an exceptional travel experience, from the planning phase to the moment you return home. I love being able to pass my expertise onto others through the extraordinary itineraries I put together for my clients!

Sundowner of Choice

Nothing beats an ice-cold Kilimanjaro beer after a hot afternoon on safari!

Never Goes on Safari Without

I always bring a buff along as safaris can be dusty – especially between the game drives and extended dirt road transfers!

Client Advice

The African sun is hot! Clients often assume that the safari vehicle is always covered, but the sun can be harsh at times. Be sure to pack and use plenty of sun protection.

Loves to Hear

I love it when my clients tell me that everything was perfectly coordinated and exceeded expectations, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free itinerary. I always aim to provide what clients want and more!