The Best Wildlife Rescue Clips on the Web

Wild animals seem to have a knack for getting themselves into sticky situations. In these video clips we watch as people step in to lend a helping hand and the joyful response from our four-legged friends.

Baby elephant in the well

It’s another beautiful day in Kenya's Amboseli National Park when a baby elephant falls into a shallow well. Her mother and sister panic, unable to help her climb out. The Amboseli Trust for Elephants sends a rescue team, but their first challenge is to convince the little one's frantic mother to move off and doing her worried pacing somewhere else, giving the team room to safely help her calf. The team struggle to get a rope under the struggling calf, who wants nothing to do with them or the vehicle they need to pull her out... It's a rollercoaster ride as the rescuers fight to save the calf and reunite her with her mother before sundown.

The calf in the canal

Motorbike racer Johan Gray is clearly soaking up all there is to see on the route of the Amageza Run Qualifier, when something catches his eye. On a beautifully sunny day near Pretoria, in South Africa, Johan exercises his softer side when he spots a calf stuck in a canal. Trying every trick up his reinforced sleeve, he refused to give up until the helpless calf is safely back with its herd.

Giraffe in the swimming pool

One moment a giraffe is innocently taking a drink from a refreshing-looking water hole, and the next it finds itself stuck in a pool with an audience and no way to escape. A crew drains the pool and attempts to help the giraffe out by building steps made of sandbags. The giraffe isn’t comfortable with this method of escape though and eventually the fire brigade is called to the rescue. It’s decided that there’s only one thing left to do if they want to safely free the giraffe…

There are times when nature needs to take its course and human beings have to step back and not interfere, and then there are times when a little intervention is the right thing to do. Hats off to the courageous people who were part of these wildlife rescues. Good call.