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‘Ultimately conservation is about people. If you don’t have sustainable development around these parks, then people will have no interest in them, and the parks will not survive.’
– Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa

Most game reserves, safari lodges and hotels in South Africa have significant programmes in place to help conserve Africa’s precious, rare and endangered wildlife. Much of their focus lies on investing in people who live around reserves and concessions – people who, more often than not, may have little access to basic resources, education or even running water.

There is a belief that successful conservation-led and community upliftment initiatives in Africa rely on the participatory relationships between tourism establishments and their neighbouring communities. This means that a portion of your travel budget goes directly to helping vital conservation and community projects.

Here is a list of our favourite initiatives championed by South African lodges that give back:

1. Ngala’s Sustainable Hippo Water Rollers

Water roller project supported by Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa | Go2Africa
These water rollers make life a little easier for the local community.

One of the hardest realities faced by many communities in Africa is the lack of suitable access to clean and safe drinking water. Many women and children walk considerable distances every day to collect and carry containers of water – a physically demanding task, especially for elderly residents and people living with disabilities.

The Ngala Private Game Reserve has, along with its community development partner, created a sustainable barrel-shaped water container that can be pushed and pulled along the ground by an extended handle. These Hippo Water Rollers have a capacity of 90 litres or 24 gallons and are designed to withstand the rough terrain of the rural areas around Ngala.

To date, thousands of Hippo Water Rollers have been distributed in the surrounding communities, making life a little easier for the residents.

Kruger National Park, South Africa
NgalaSafariLodge-Exterior-ArealView NgalaSafariLodge-Dining-DeckPatio NgalaSafariLodge-Interior-GuestArea NgalaSafariLodge-Exterior-FamilyRoom NgalaSafariLodge-Bathroom-FamilyRoom NgalaSafariLodge-UpperLevelBedroom-FamilyRoom NgalaSafariLodge-UpperLevelBedroom-BathShower

Ngala Safari Lodge

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Kruger Private Reserves, South Africa
NgalaTentedCamp-Exterior-ArealView NgalaTentedCamp-Dining-DeckPatio NgalaTentedCamp-Exterior-LuxuryRoom NgalaTentedCamp-Entrance-LuxuryRoom NgalaTentedCamp-Dining-Afternoon NgalaTentedCamp-Exterior-GuestArea NgalaTentedCamp-Bathroom-LuxuryRoom

Ngala Tented Camp

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Animal tracking experience Game drives Guided walking safaris Guided walks

2. Thornybush and the Thousand Herbs & Vegetable Garden

Watering the Thornybush Vegetable Garden, South Africa | Go2Africa
While dining at Thornybush Lodges, you’ll enjoy locally grown, fresh herbs and vegetables sourced from the inspiring initiatives within the surrounding communities.

Since 2014, a co-operative of nine entrepreneurial women has been renting a portion of land from a high school in a rural area just outside the Kruger National Park. They grow quality herbs, vegetables and edible flowers, which they sell to local game lodges like Thornybush, several retailers and their community.

Thornybush Game Reserve, one of the South African lodges that give back, and a variety of donors have assisted these exceptional entrepreneurs with essentials like business strategy, sales and marketing, logistics and infrastructure, and other support. They’ve also helped to increase the garden’s shade-cloth coverage, built washing and packing facilities, a cold-storage building and an on-site retail store. The goal is to help grow their garden into an independent and sustainable business that can serve a growing client base.

Kruger National Park, South Africa
Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Aerial-Shot-of-The-Main-Lodge- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Reception- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Lodge-Library- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Main-lodge-deck-and-seating- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---pool-seating- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Deck-seating-overlooking-riverbed- Thornybush-Game-Lodge---Room-

Thornybush Game Lodge

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3. Ellerman House’s ArtAngels

Ellerman House and its luxury pool, South Africa | Go2Africa
Ellerman House is located close to Table Mountain, the excellent beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, and a short drive from Cape Town’s city centre.

This extremely luxurious boutique hotel in Cape Town is one of the many hotels in South Africa that donate to non-profit organizations. It runs an annual charity event for the benefit of the Click Foundation – an organisation that focuses on improving literacy in Africa by rolling out online phonetics-based English programmes in underprivileged primary schools.

Every year, Ellerman House undertakes an auction of limited, fine art pieces donated by some of South Africa’s leading artists. Through this initiative, Ellerman House has raised more than a million US dollars for education in South Africa. Plus, you have the opportunity to visit one of the learning centres during your stay and see first-hand how the foundation is changing the lives of young learners in South Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa
Ellerman-house_eh_-_signature3 Ellerman-house_art_-_gallery_inside3 Ellerman-house_garden_with_lions_head3 Ellerman-house_bedroom10_3 Ellerman-house_bedroom43 Ellerman-house_classic_house_room_-_room_6_003 Ellerman-house_classic_house_room_-_room_6_004

Ellerman House

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4. Jabulani Safari’s Rescued Elephants

Elephants at Camp Jabulani, South Africa | Go2Africa
The Jabulani elephant experience is both soulful and insightful.

This fabulous Relais & Chateaux accredited lodge just outside the Kruger National Park has a heart-warming conservation success story and certainly makes it onto our list for South African lodges that give back. It all started in 1997 when a 4-month-old elephant was rescued from a muddy silt dam – severely injured, dehydrated and abandoned by his herd. It took a full year to nurse him back to health and he was aptly named, Jabulani (meaning ‘to rejoice’ in the Zulu language).

In 2002, Jabulani was joined by two rescued adults (who would have been killed for meat) and was immediately adopted by the matriarch, Tokwe. By 2018, the herd had grown to 15 elephants, all cared for by a team of devoted and passionate keepers. Guests at Jabulani Safari can interact with the elephants and learn about the values of responsible conservation. The camp runs fostering programmes in which anyone can donate towards caring for a specific elephant in the herd.

Kruger National Park, South Africa
Game roam freely through the grounds and surrounding park, so keep your eyes peeled.
Children are welcome at the camp, and are accommodated with specialised age-appropriate activities.
Camp Jabulani is located on Kapama Game Reserve, home to elephant as well as the other four members of the Big 5.
There are only six luxury suites and a private villa at Camp Jabulani, making for a tranquil and intimate experience.
Enjoy a memorable evening siting under the stars while being treated to a sumptuous African feast.
Each suite has its own deck and a plunge pool - the ideal venue for romantic private dining.
While you're not on safari, book yourself in for some indulgent down-time at the outdoor spa.

Jabulani Safari

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5. Grootbos’s Siyakhula Organic Farm

Siyakhula Organic Farm, South Africa | Go2Africa
Living in harmony with nature’s spoils.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is more than just a luxury holiday destination near the southern tip of Africa. Set in the heart of the 2 800-hectare reserve lies the Siyakhula Organic Farm, which was established in 2009 by the Grootbos Foundation. Siyakhula has provided skills development programmes for the women of local communities along the Whale Coast. These programmes include organic agriculture, sustainable animal husbandry and beekeeping.

The farm employs a dedicated team of full-time staff from the local communities who produce vegetables, herbs, fruit, honey and delicious preserves which are sold to the lodges on the reserve.

Whale Coast, South Africa
Grootbos Forest Lodge. GrootbosForestLodge-Interior-Lounge GrootbosForestLodge-Exterior-Balcony/Verandah GrootbosForestLodge-SwimmingPool-Lounge GrootbosForestLodge-SwimmingPool GrootbosForestLodge-UpperLevelBedroom-Lounge GrootbosForestLodge-UpperLevelBedroom-SwimmingPool

Grootbos Forest Lodge

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Whale Coast, South Africa
Outside-View-of-Garden-Lodge GrootbosGardenLodge-Dining-Lunch GrootbosGardenLodge-Activity-GameDrive GrootbosGardenLodge-Activity-HorsebackRiding GrootbosGardenLodge-Activity-WhaleWatching grootbos_garden_lodge_-_cottage_8_bedroom_1 grootbos-accommodation-forest-cottage-4-5-deck-2

Grootbos Garden Lodge

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6. The Peech Hotel and Little Eden

The Peech Hotel and Little Eden, South Africa | Go2Africa
Enjoy the wonderful relaxed atmosphere of the hotel’s gorgeous garden.

This cosy-but-chic hotel in Johannesburg aims to have a small impact on the environment and a large one on the community. Its responsible tourism policy pivots on energy conservation, recycling and community aid. Not only is The Peech a certified Fair Trade Tourism hotel, but it is also a signatory to The Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct – a global initiative that protects children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

The hotel is also a devoted supporter of Little Eden, a non-profit organisation that provides care for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities. Guests are invited to add a small amount per night to their room bills, which is then matched by the hotel and donated to Little Eden.

Johannesburg, South Africa
The-Peech-Hotel_Exterior The-Peech-Hotel_pavillion The-Peech-Hotel_Luxury-bedroom The-Peech-Hotel_Desk The-Peech-Hotel_Dining The-Peech-Hotel_Outside-area The-Peech-Hotel_Swimming-pool

The Peech Hotel

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Day tours

7. Sabi Sabi and The Dreamfields Project

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa | Go2Africa
The intimate Selati Lodge offers an authentic safari experience in a renowned Big 5 region.

The long-standing Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve believes that successful conservation in Africa relies on benefitting neighbouring communities. One of the community programmes supported by Sabi Sabi is The Dreamfields Project, an initiative that raises funds to invest in soccer facilities and equipment for schools in rural areas and informal settlements.

The project distributes full sets of kits (balls, pumps, uniforms, boots, shin pads and whistles for coaches), and builds welcome playing fields in the communities. It also funds netball kits for over a dozen schools in the communities around the Kruger National Park.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
SabiSabiBushLodge-Interior-GuestArea SabiSabiBushLodge-Dining-CommunalArea SabiSabiBushLodge-Dining-Lunch SabiSabiBushLodge-Interior-Lounge SabiSabiBushLodge-Interior-Bar SabiSabiBushLodge-Interior-StandardRoom SabiSabiBushLodge-SwimmingPool-Drinks

Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge

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Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
selati_camp_ivory_presidential_suite_1 selati_camp_safari_deck_1 selati_camp_safari_lounge selati_camp_safari_lounge selati_camp_outside selati_camp_suite_1 selati_camp_suite_3

Sabi Sabi Selati Lodge

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Kruger National Park, South Africa
Sabi_Sabi_earth_lodge_lux_suite_exterior_resize1 earth_lodge_lux_suite_entrance_resize Sabi_Sabi_earth_lodge_lux_suite_terrace_lounge_resize1 Sabi_Sabi_earth_lodge_lux_suite_bedroom_resize1 earth_lodge_lux_suite_dressing_area_resize earth_lodge_lux_suite_bedroom_2_resize1 Sabi_Sabi_earth_lodge_lux_suite_bathroom_resize1

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

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8. Jaci’s Rhino and Wild Dog Conservation

Jaci's Tree Lodge Suite, South Africa | Go2Africa

Jaci’s Lodges are situated in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, one of South Africa’s biggest private Big 5 reserves. It is a haven for endangered species like the African wild dog – a group of six was introduced in 1994 and has grown into a flourishing hunting pack. Jaci’s Lodges have taken a particularly strong stand to help with the plight of another endangered animal; rhino conservation is made possible through active participation in various anti-poaching activities like foot patrols, guarding, and driving awareness among guests at their lodges.

Every visitor to Jaci’s Lodges is obliged to pay the nominal Madikwe Guest Conservation Contribution. These funds go directly to the reserve’s anti-poaching initiatives and give guests the opportunity to help protect endangered animals like wild dogs – see more of our sustainable travel tips. The plight of African rhino poaching is a critical one, but fortunately, many areas like Madikwe are carrying the torch for conservation.

Madikwe, South Africa
jacis-tree-lodge-Breakaway-Lounge-exterior jacis-tree-lodge-Swimming-Pool-(1) jacis-tree-lodge-private-deck Treehouse-Suite-(3) Treehouse-Suite-(11) Treehouse-Suite-(1) jacis-tree-lodge---bedroom-interior

Jaci's Tree Lodge

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Madikwe, South Africa
JacisSafariLodge-Dining-BomaCampFire JacisSafariLodge-Interior-GuestArea Safari-Suite_Jaci's-Safari-Lodge Boma area at Jaci's. Swimming pool at Jaci's. Jacis-Safari-Lodge-4-2 Pathway-to-Jaci's-Safari-Lodge,-Madikwe-Game-Reserve

Jaci's Safari Lodge

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Kruger National Park, South Africa
Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House Jacis Sabi House

Jaci's Sabi House

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Game drives

9. Cape Cadogan and Injongo Educare Centre

The exterior of Cape Cadogan | Go2Africa
Cape Cadogan is a national monument – a Victorian-Georgian building dating back to the 1800s.

This boutique hotel in Cape Town is part of the MORE group of hotels and its social investment organisation is committed to enriching the lives of people in need. They aim to provide sustainable, long-term assistance to local communities like Mfuleni – an informal settlement about 40km or 25mi from Cape Town’s city centre. Cape Cadogan is in partnership with Matchbox, a non-profit organisation that helps to improve the quality of life and learning for young children living in underprivileged communities.

Mfuleni’s Injongo Crèche was founded by a courageous and determined woman, Mavis Ngcongolo, who opened her tiny shack to create a loving environment of support and protection for about 70 vulnerable children. Thanks to MORE and its support of Matchbox, Mavis and her team opened the Injongo Educare Centre in 2013.

This facility has evolved into more than just a day-care centre – it provides a space for students to do their homework, prepare for exams and undertake photography workshops. Mavis also offers sewing courses for unemployed parents, sells coffee and snacks, and offers space for religious and cultural events. All Cape Cadogan’s guests are encouraged to visit the inspirational Mavis at Injongo.

10. Thanda Safari Lodge and the Star of Life Project

Aerial view of Thanda Safari Lodge, South Africa | Go2Africa
Not only is Thanda dedicated to supporting the surrounding Zulu communities, but also among the founding members of Project Rhino.

Located in a private Big 5 reserve in northern Zululand, this member of Leading Hotels of the World focuses on the socio-economic and developmental needs of three tribal communities around the reserve. Thanda aims to preserve Zulu culture in the region and supports various community upliftment programmes.

One such programme is the Star of Life Project. Launched as a school-based HIV and Aids prevention programme in 2005, Star of Life empowers young people with information and the motivation to make decisions that will reduce their risk of contracting HIV. With an ‘AIDS-free, that’s me’ mantra and extraordinary funding from donors, Star of Life has reached more than 100 000 children.

Investing in socio-economic development and education in communities highlight the value of tourism, and empowers people to consciously contribute towards keeping animals safe from poachers and making visitors to magical Africa feel welcome. As guests of these lodges and hotels, seeing how your safari directly impacts the lives of people in need is one of life’s most rewarding moments.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Each suite boasts indoor & outdoor showers plus a free-standing bath tub with a view. Bold colours & traditional textures create a distinctive ambience in each suite A fire-lit supper in the lodge's traditional boma is a culinary event you'll remember for years to come. Breakfast is served on the main viewing deck, bathed in bright Zululand sunshine. Take advantage of fine weather to dine outside & savour Thanda's famous slow-cooked cuisine. The lodge's comfortable sofas make a great place to catch up with the day's safari stories. A table for two is always easy to arrange at Thanda Safari Lodge, even next to your private pool!

Thanda Safari Lodge

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