About Go2Africa's Online Payment Platform

About Go2Africa's Online Payment Platform

Go2Africa uses World Pay, a globally respected online payment processor working in 120 currencies. World Pay has been providing payment solutions for 25 years and processes over 26-million transactions a day. All our credit card payments are made through 3D-Secure, a credit card payment system created by MasterCard and Visa. This gives our clients a single, seamless online payment process that is easy to use, super secure and convenient.

How does 3D-Secure protect me?

Visa or MasterCard (depending on which card you have) transmits your credit card information via a high level encryption and stores it on a secure server protected by a powerful firewall. 3D-Secure protects you from fraud by verifying that it is really you making payment.

Step 1: When you begin making a payment, the 3D-Secure window pops up automatically and asks you to sign with your private password.

Step 2: Once you’ve signed in and are ready to pay, 3D-Secure connects your transaction to either MasterCard or Visa to check and confirm your details: name, card number, expiry date and CVV number (the unique code on the back).

Step 3: Next, 3D-Secure sends the transaction to your bank (the one that issued your credit card). You’ll need to put in your 3D-Secure pin code to confirm that it’s you making the payment.

Step 4: Finally, your bank does all the standard checks: do you have enough funds, are you within your daily transaction limit and so on.

Your payment is made only when all these verifications and checks are completed successfully, and we don’t levy any transaction fees when you pay by credit card online.


Created by Mastercard and Visa, 3-D Secure is the easiest and safest way to pay Go2Africa for your safari.


How do I sign up to use 3D-Secure?

You need to activate your MasterCard or Visa card for 3D-Secure with your bank before making an online payment. When you activate your card, your bank issues a secure pin code for you to use in Step 3(above) – this is one of the ways your bank verifies the transaction.

Activating your card might take a few days, depending on your bank. Please also be aware that your bank may not use the same name we do for this payment platform - 3D-Secure is also called MasterCard Secure and Verified by Visa. These are all the same the thing.

The first time you use your activated card, you’ll be asked to create a password for Step 1 (above), which you’ll need every time you sign into 3D-Secure to make a payment.

My card is activated! How do I pay for my safari?

Your safari consultant will send your invoice by email. Simply click on the link in this email and follow the easy-as-pie steps online.

I don’t want to pay online – what are my options?

If you don’t feel comfortable paying online, you can pay by SWIFT bank transfer. Please remember that this method incurs bank charges and takes several days for us to receive the payment. Until we actually receive payment, your booking is not confirmed and we cannot issue air tickets.

If you have any questions talk to your Africa Safari Expert or follow the links below for more info.

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