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There are so many brilliant documentaries out there that capture Africa’s wildlife on film. I get goosebumps every time I watch David Attenborough’s introduction to the BBC Africa series. Professional teams from National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC head out into Africa’s game parks and reserves every year with their million-dollar equipment to snag the most amazing footage – and they do. The thing is, so do travellers. Sure, travellers may not have the most advanced equipment, but they do explore the same wilderness and return with weird and wonderful safari moments caught on their point-and-shoot cameras.

These are our Top 5 favourite safari experiences caught on camera by travellers.

1. Close encounters with mountain gorillas

This is a close-encounter safari experience of note! A band of wild mountain gorillas (the males are known as silverback gorillas) strolled through a lodge just outside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda and met a friendly traveller along the way…

Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

2. Impala escapes cheetah in SUV

On a game drive in South Africa’s Kruger National Park two South African girls caught this event on camera. A pair of cheetahs were on the hunt and a herd of impala ran for their lives. Frantically trying to escape, one of the impala leapt into a bystander’s car for safety. A passenger in the car opened the door and the impala went on its way – safe for now from the hungry cheetah!

Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

3. Battle at Kruger

On a day like any other, a group of tourists enjoyed a nail-biting, action-packed safari sighting right on the lip of Kruger National Park‘s Transport Dam. A herd of Cape buffalo, a pride of lions and two crocodiles fight for the right to keep a buffalo calf. As the video unfolds the plot thickens in this 8-minute amateur video that’s been dubbed: “Battle at Kruger”.

Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

4. Lion vs wildebeest

In this video, the King of the Jungle decides to make a lone wildebeest his lunch. The wildebeest has other plans. In this 7-minute struggle, the lion seems certain to win until the odds slip out of his paws, and the wildebeest gives a new definition to ‘never give up’!

Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

5. Leopard cub in trouble calls on mom

This video was captured by travellers on safari in South Africa. Trying to hold the camera as steady as possible, the traveller watches as a lone leopard cub is stalked by a predator of its own kind. Will the cub’s mother return in time to protect her young?

Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

Right now, in Africa, wildlife are gathering around watering holes. They’re on the hunt for a meal, giving birth to offspring and protecting their territory. Right now, in Africa, there are travellers experiencing it all on a safari… because the majesty of Africa waits for no camera crew.

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Dalene Ingham-Brown

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