Luxury means different things in different destinations. In Africa, we measure luxury in the quality of your creature comforts and the ratio of at least two attendants to every guest. We gauge it in fine dining and a sommelier-selected wine list, always served in settings that boast extraordinary scenic beauty. On safari, we rate luxury in how near you’ll be to the drama between predator and prey, and if you’ll be in the care of the best professional guides.

As you can tell, we take luxury seriously – every lodge and activity we recommend in our best luxury vacations are tried and tested by our safari experts. Our criteria are so particular that few destinations in the world can compete with the kind of vacation you’ll experience on a tailor-made safari with us.

From our selection of ultra-luxury safari lodges to our exclusive safari villas and Africa’s best private travel experiences, we’ve designed the best luxury African tours and safaris, ready to customise to your individual preferences, because tailor-made travel is what we do best.

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