When is the Best Time to Visit Ruaha National Park?

The best time to go to Ruaha National Park is widely considered to be from June to October, during the region’s dry season when game viewing is at its best. But when the best time for you to visit Ruaha depends on what experiences and activities you’d like to enjoy on your Tanzanian safari.

There are benefits to visiting Ruaha during the green or dry season. Where the dry season offers a better chance at seeing as many of your favourite African animals as possible, the green season is when the untamed nature of the national park is at its most beautiful, with lush greenery as far as the eye can see. Find out the most suitable time for you to travel to Ruaha National Park with our month-by-month guide:

Month-by-Month Guide for Travelling to Ruaha National Park

Visiting Ruaha National Park in January & February

Lilac-breasted Roller in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.

January and February fall within Ruaha’s peak green season. During these two months, the national park experiences increasingly heavy rains, ushering in a season of rebirth in the region. Travellers who visit in January and February do so to enjoy the fewer crowds and better accommodation rates, as well as the fantastic birding at this time of year – with over 530 species of bird to be spotted. You might also get to witness the freshly born baby animals finding their footing in the world.


Travelling through Ruaha National Park from March to May

People enjoying sundowner in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.

March to May is low tourism season in Ruaha National Park due to the heavy rainfall in the region. It’s recommended that you try to avoid booking your trip to Ruaha during this period as many lodges and camps tend to close for these three months, and the risk of malaria is at its peak.


Travelling to Ruaha National Park During June to October

Lioness is spotted on a game drive in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.

June to October is regarded as the best time to visit Ruaha National Park. The national park experiences its dry season over this period, providing the ideal conditions for fantastic game viewing. Wildlife is much easier to spot during the dry season as the bush thins out and animals gather around remaining water sources, like rivers and waterholes. Additionally, the heat is less overpowering, the skies are bright, and the risk of malaria is at its lowest because of the decline in mosquitoes.


Visiting Ruaha National Park During November & December

Person relaxes on a hammock at Jabali Ridge Camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.

November and December are the start of the green season in Ruaha National Park. Since the rainy weather is still in its infancy during these months, it’s still a good time to enjoy a safari in Ruaha. The breathtaking scenery is at its greenest and fullest, and the arrival of migrating birds means that birdwatching is at its absolute best.


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