You know how much fun your kids have in the garden sandpit; imagine what they'll do on one of our Namibia family holidays careering down 300 metres of golden sand at Sossusvlei, home to the world's highest sand dunes.

Namibia has long been a favourite family holiday destination for southern African families. A well-established and professional tourist industry covers all the main hot spots and our selected lodges boast kids programmes, swimming pools, lots of activities and an interactive approach to conservation. It's a safe country to visit and most areas are malaria-free - just be well-prepared for summer rainy season visits to Etosha National Park and the Caprivi Strip.

Wildlife-crazy families need look no further than the teeming grass plains and woodlands of Etosha where great game viewing often involves little more than sitting back at a waterhole and letting it all come to you. The adventurous family will also want to check out the attractions of rugged, remote Damaraland and see if they can track down the legendary desert elephants and endangered black rhino.

Safe, clean and well-organised - that's what you can expect from Namibia, and you will get the same from our Namibia family holidays. Browse our range of recommended tours and accommodation for ideas and inspiration - we've also recommended a couple of two-bedroomed private villas with comfortable lounges and plenty of space to enjoy time together without the distraction of other guests.


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