Safari & Beach Holiday Advice

Make sure you’re well-prepared for your trip by reading through our safari and beach holiday advice. Additional information and advice on specific destinations is available simply by clicking through to whichever country or regional destination you have in mind for holiday in Africa.

Mind the Mosquitoes: many of our safari destinations lie within Africa’s malarial belt and although the risk is often minimal or seasonal, you are strongly advised to work with your safari expert as well as a medical practitioner or doctor to identify the severity of the risk plus what steps and what medication to take to avoid contracting the disease.

Pack light: it’s important to remember that if you’re catching light plane charters your luggage weight might be restricted to as little as 10kg (20 pounds) per person. It’s also advisable to use soft bags that can fit into the small overhead compartments.

Don’t forget the sunblock: despite often mild daytime temperatures, the sun can be harsh and sun protection is essential – especially in summer!