Empowering the Communities of Africa

Go2Africa is proud to work with and support a fantastic collection of independent, innovative and inspiring community development projects. We are committed to playing our part in building an inclusive and prosperous future for all – where travel spend has a tangible, positive impact. It’s a win-win for once-in-a-lifetime experiences while contributing to education, community empowerment and infrastructure in the places we visit.

To help us deliver positive impact to local communities we have established long-term, collaborative partnerships to create meaningful change for the people of Africa. We assist in equipping schools with learning materials, building resources and nutrition for students, as well as providing scholarships for secondary and tertiary institutions with invaluable mentoring programmes. Go2Africa is also involved with vital HIV healthcare initiatives for women and children in need.

We don’t want to just give back, we want to empower, and it’s woven into the fabric of everything we do. The way we travel today will empower the communities of tomorrow and leave a lasting impact for a caring world.

VETA Hotel & Tourism Training Institute

Go2Africa has committed to sponsoring two students to attend the VETA Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (VHTTI-Njiro) in Arusha, Tanzania. VHTTI-Njiro strives to deliver effective training programs to equip Tanzanian youth with the right skill sets to find employment in the tourism sector, or to encourage entrepreneurship.

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Wildlife College of Maasai Mara

Go2Africa has committed to sponsoring two students to attend the Wildlife College of Maasai Mara (WTC). The WTC is a vital wildlife tourism training institution for the Maasai people of Kenya. The WTC builds on the legacy of the Koiyaki Guiding School (established in 2005), which has graduated over 300 trained Maasai safari guides.

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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Our partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund provides our clients with a deeper and richer gorilla trekking experience when visiting Rwanda. We offer immersive gorilla conservation experiences that help raise critical funds for educational needs, provide clean water and basic healthcare to the local community, and aid gorilla conservation efforts to save an endangered species.

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Maunga Primary School

We believe that every child has the right to receive a good education in an environment that positively encourages learning. Maunga Primary School is located in a remote community (Maunga Village) outside Livingstone, Zambia. Go2Africa makes regular donations to assist with vital repairs and maintenance at Maunga Primary School.

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Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope is a non-profit organisation that supports thousands of South African women and children infected with or affected by HIV. Since 2006, they have been providing lifesaving testing, treatment, care, education and psychosocial support. When clients book a trip with Go2Africa via Gift of Hope, 3% of the booking amount is donated to this organisation and its heroic efforts to combat the often devastating effects of this illness.

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The Serengeti Girls Run

The Serengeti Girls Run is an annual three-day, 63 km (39 mi), all-women race through Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, in which women from across the world run for the empowerment of Tanzanian women. Contributions raised for the run are donated to the Grumeti Fund, a non-profit organisation that carries out vital conservation and community development work in Tanzania.

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B Corp

Go2Africa is proud to be B Corp certified, authentically living our commitment to using business as a powerful force for positive impact. Our certification proves to our clients that we have an unwavering dedication to sustainability, transparency, and ethical business practices – while also holding us accountable to high standards of community upliftment, environmental sustainability and the protection of wildlife.

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