Established in 1989, Gamewatchers Safaris is an exclusive tour operator that specialises in tailor-made experiences at small camps and lodges in East Africa. This international, award-winning company, based in Nairobi, is committed to preserving Africa’s sensational landscapes, wildlife and local communities through sustainable and responsible tourism.

Gamewatchers pioneered the Conservancy concept in Kenya in 1997: the leasing of land from Maasai owners to form wildlife conservancies alongside national parks and reserves. This initiative has aided in conserving wildlife and indigenous areas, as well as helping local communities to earn income from eco-tourism. This approach has transformed neighbouring areas of the Amboseli National Park and the Masai Mara, regenerating wildlife habitats and enlarging the natural territories available to wild animals.

Gamewatchers, one of the longest-running safari operators in East Africa, constantly strives towards delivering impeccable and personalised service.