This 8-day trek takes the most popular route up Kilimanjaro. The Machame Route summits at iconic Uhuru Peak and is considered one of the most beautiful paths up Kilimanjaro, featuring views of Mount Meru, Shira Ridge and Kibo Peak.

Compared to the Marangu and Rongai routes, Machame has more steep sections and higher altitudes, which make it more challenging. It is busier than the Lemosho Route during the initial ascent but all converge at Baranco Camp, from where the Machame route heads on directly to Barafu Camp and the summit at Uhuru Peak. The trek rises up through humid, tropical rainforest to cool moorland and onwards to a dry, cold alpine desert. The summit is a dramatic moonscape of shiny volcanic rock left over from the mountain’s historic final eruption.

Kilimanjaro does not require technical climbing skills but demands hiking-level fitness – the average day ranges from six to eight hours of trekking. Your guide uses the longer days to reach scenic points high up then descends to lower altitudes to spend the night. This trek-high, sleep-low technique helps your body prepare for the summit altitude of 5 895m (19 340ft). The high altitude affects almost all trekkers to some degree: Uhuru Peak rises to 5 895m (19 340ft), a mere 2 953m (9 689ft) shy of Everest’s summit and higher than Everest South Base Camp at 5 364m (17 598ft).

Summiting Africa’s highest peak is one of the most iconic experiences you can have on the continent, and it is easy to add on a sun-drenched island off Tanzania’s coast to complete an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey.