Jessica Robertson

Africa Safari Expert

Born and bred in Cape Town girl, I can’t imagine living anywhere else! The beauty of the South African metropolis is that there’s something for everyone of every age – it’s not your typical city! From wine tasting to trips up the Whale Coast, white sandy beaches to the vibrant streets and endless restaurants of the city centre, there’s never a dull moment when you’re in the Mother City!

My passion for travel started when I was quite young, stemming from international and local holidays with my family. The passion only grew the older I got, and now I get to put my love for travel into practice as an African Safari Expert at Go2Africa!

Sundowner of Choice

The one and only South African liqueur, Amarula over ice.

Never Goes on Safari Without

A good camera – it adds another dimension to the safari, making it more interactive, as well as adding an extra layer of excitement as you try to capture the perfect picture of a lion taking down an impala!

Client Advice

Pack a good bra for extra support when on those bumpy roads!

Expert Tip

When at Somalisa Camp, in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, be sure to let the manager know that you would like to fit their pizza lunch into your itinerary during your stay. The outdoor pizza oven has a view of a nearby watering hole, frequented by big herds of elephants. Everything is prepped for a build-your-own-pizza bar, complete with a shaded table and a cold gin and tonic.

Favourite Client Story

A client found out that she was pregnant right before she was meant to travel. I quickly cancelled and re-booked malaria-free areas for her, with little to no cancellation penalties – even though it was during peak season!