Why Choose All-inclusive African Safari Vacations?

An all-inclusive African safari means that you pay a set daily rate per person that includes your accommodation, meals, snacks, standard drinks plus your game-viewing activities. It’s one of the reasons why African safari vacations that are all-inclusive might seem expensive at first glance. The truth is, they actually offer excellent value for money.

Set Daily Rates: What’s Included and Excluded?

Included Excluded
Your room, tent or suite at a safari lodge or beach resort Tips, park and conservancy fees
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks Additional meals and snacks, e.g. stopping at a café or restaurant during road transfers
All standard drinks Rare or imported drinks
Standard activities such as game drives, guided nature walks and non-mechanised water sports Special activities, e.g. hot-air ballooning, cultural tours or deep-sea fishing
Selected road transfers from local airstrips to safari lodges Flights

A Note on Standard Drinks and Activities

Standard drinks are soft drinks (like sodas and water), beer, wine and regular spirits. Special drinks that are excluded differ at certain all-inclusive African resorts, but most often these are rare or exotic liquors.

Some all-inclusive African resorts or lodges do offer optional activities that must be paid for separately because they are provided by independent operators, like hot-air ballooning and helicopter flips. Standard game-viewing activities – such as game drives and guided nature walks – are included in the set daily rate at all-inclusive African resorts and safari lodges.

Choosing an all-inclusive African safari vacation means smart savings. But with our expert advice, it doesn’t mean skimping on comfort or luxury. In fact, some of Africa’s most luxurious safari accommodations are all-inclusive African resorts and lodges that offer unrestricted access to sommelier-run wine cellars, exquisite gourmet cuisine and a rich range of game-viewing activities in the care of some of Africa’s top professional guides.

At this standard, the services and amenities at each camp or lodge is all about delighting and surprising you – whether it’s a steaming, scented bath awaiting you after the evening game drive or an al fresco breakfast served at a scenic spot looking out over plains filled with zebra, wildebeest and antelope.

Since 1998, we’ve tailor-made all-inclusive African safari vacations for thousands of travellers from across the globe. Browse our sample all-inclusive African vacations below or get in touch with one of our Africa Safari Experts to create a custom itinerary based on your tastes, interests and preferred travel dates: