Experience Africa on a Malaria-Free Safari

Home to the world's greatest wildlife destinations and some of its most dramatic natural wonders, Africa is far safer and easier to travel around than you might think but there is one health issue that may determine your choice of destination: malaria.

A disease transmitted to humans via the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito, malaria is a real and present danger in many parts of tropical and sub-tropical Africa, especially during and just after the rainy seasons.

The good news however is that not only do many of our safari and beach holiday destinations present a minimal risk of malaria (a risk that is even lower during the dry seasons) but we have identified malaria-free destinations for both classic big game safaris and relaxing tropical beach holidays - ideal for African family safaris if you are travelling with children, and for travellers such as pregnant women who don't want the inconvenience - and possible associated health risks - of having to take anti-malaria medication.

And you won't miss out on anything either: our malaria-free safaris in South Africa's Eastern Cape and Madikwe Private Game Reserve offer all the thrills of a Big 5 safari that you'll get anywhere else in Africa while our malaria-free beach holiday recommendations need little introduction: Mauritius and the Seychelles, two of the top Indian Ocean island destinations.

Browse our range of malaria-free safaris and holidays for an itinerary that suits your requirements or simply contact one of our Africa Safari Experts for assistance in creating a tailor-made malaria-free Africa safari.