Lauren Johansson

Africa Safari Expert

*Featured in Condé Nast Traveler as a Top Travel Specialist

Being a real farmgirl from the Eastern Cape in South Africa, I never imagined that one day I would travel to far and distant lands – now ‘safari’ has become part of my daily vocabulary. I’ve been in travel and tourism, in some sense, for 20 years now. The adventure began at 19 when I set off to Kenya for a short holiday. Two years later, my family called to find out whether I had any plans of returning to South Africa – the safari bug hit hard!

My previous experience in vacation villas, events planning and working at a lodge in the remotest part of Kenya has given me transferable skills that I can apply when planning vacations for travellers. Having local contacts throughout Africa is a huge benefit too. Whether it be family, friends, or an owner of camp, I have no qualms about calling in favours when needed! I’ve been with Go2Africa since 2007 and am one of the longest standing consultants here. I can’t imagine doing anything else – my ‘job’ is a dream.

Sundowner of Choice

I'm known to select my beer based on location - Serengeti beer in the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro beer in Amboseli National Park, Tusker in the Masai Mara - to keep in theme with the safari and to get a taste of the local flavour.

Never Goes on Safari Without

My kikoi - with so many uses (it can be a tablecloth, scarf, baby sling, towel, or dress), it's the first thing I pack!

Expert Tip

In East Africa they say Pole Pole (slowly, slowly). So go slow and relax, everything will work out.

Loves to Hear

When I'm told that Africa was a life-changing experience. It means a great deal to me when a client visits with an open mind and savours each and every moment.

You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn or Facebook, or delve into her Condé Nast Traveler interview and find out more about what makes her an African Safari Expert.