Madelein Norval

Africa Safari Expert

A born and bred Namibian, I spent my educational years in Cape Town where I studied Travel and Tourism, and have been in the industry since 1993. Starting in incentive and group travel, I joined Go2Africa in 2011 because they were a recognized industry leader in bespoke safari travel.

I organized and travelled extensively with incentive groups for 17 years before joining Go2Africa. I have personally visited and experienced the destinations that I recommend to clients.

Sundowner of Choice

An ice-cold Tafel Lager (local Namibian beer) - perfect in warm weather conditions.

When on Safari

Take time to put the camera away and let the moment sink in - whether it be a beautiful sunset or an amazing animal sighting.

Favourite Client Story

I invited a client around for a traditional 'braai' (barbecue) at my house when he was in town.

Expert Tip

Less is more. Plan a second and third trip to Africa instead of fitting too much in at once.

Clients Always Say

You eat way too much! The food is just too good - skipping meals is simply not possible!

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