Tatham Louw

Africa Safari Expert

I’ve lived in Cape Town, South Africa, Thailand and California, USA, but I always find myself returning to Africa – I just cannot seem to get enough of it!

As a child, I went on many family holidays to various destinations, sparking my passion for travel, and as I grew older, the desire to traverse the globe only grew stronger. Family and friends know me as a wanderer, always looking to explore new and exciting places as often as I possibly can. It’s the reason why I love being an Africa Safari Expert at Go2Africa! It gives me the opportunity to share my love of travel with others!

Sundowner of Choice

Six Dogs Karoo Gin and Fitch & Leeds tonic. It needs no garnish – it’s that good!

Most Memorable Sighting

It’s a tie between watching a warthog escaping by the skin of it’s teeth after being stalked and chased by a pride of lions in the Serengeti, Tanzania, or watching two leopards have a vicious fight over territory in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Expert Tip

Try not to spend the entire trip viewing everything from behind a camera – take a moment to stop and soak it all in!

Loves to Hear

When clients had colossal expectations for their trip, and not only were all of them met, but completely exceeded beyond anything they could imagine! It makes me feel great to know that I did a good job and that my clients are happy with my services!

Looking for African travel inspiration? Peruse Tatham’s safari photos on Instagram.