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When compared to other Indian Ocean islands such as Zanzibar or Mauritius, the Seychelles may be considered underrated, but this archipelago is just as dazzling as its more sought-after counterparts.

Dreamy beaches, sapphirine waters, a rich Creole culture, friendly locals and 5-star resorts that cater to your every need – all the ingredients for the perfect island vacation. Browse and bookmark our list of the best things to do in Seychelles for your next beach vacation.

1. Vallee de Mai

Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, Praslin, Seychelles | Go2Africa
Vallee de Mai National Park.

Referred to by many as “the true Garden of Eden”, Vallee de Mai is one of only two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles, and a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The nature park is nestled on the gorgeous island of Praslin and makes for a lovely green adventure amongst the only place with six endemic palm tree species.

Put your botanist hat on, explore trails amongst the teeming and unspoilt wilderness and look out for the largest seed in the world, the Coco de Mai. Get a chance to see the rare Seychelles black parrot in its home, as well as many other unique animals and rare fauna species found nowhere else in the world. We recommend having a guide to help make the most of this magical experience.

2. Golf on Lemuria’s 18-hole Course

Constance Lemuria, Anse Kerlan, Praslin, Seychelles
Tee off on a world-class 18-hole golf course at Constance Lemuria.

One of the best resorts in Seychelles, Constance Lemuria is home to the largest, and one of only two golf courses in the Seychelles. Whether you’re a regular on the green or slightly less in the know, the prime 18-hole golf course welcomes all players to try their swing against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Guests of Lemuria can enjoy their rounds free of charge, but the use of a buggy comes at an extra cost. If you’re an amateur or simply want to work on your swing, the resident golf experts are available to provide lessons at a fee. If you’ve been in the Seychelles for a few days, this course is the perfect intermission from the beach and resort life.

3. Pair with a Bush Vacation

Immerse yourself in the wild, untamed nature of the bush before unwinding on a beachside paradise.

The Seychelles has its own charm, but we love pairing it with a week or two in the bush. Shifting from the company of land animals to the tranquility of the world’s clearest waters and whitest sands creates a perfect balance, allowing you to ease into the laid-back beach life.

Begin your journey on the southern tip of Africa at South Africa’s Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, where you will experience some of the most premium Big 5 sightings the continent has to offer. If the Masai Mara is higher up on your bucket list, Kenya awaits! The Mara proudly flaunts both the Big 5 and the magnificent Great Wildebeest Migration. One vacation, the very best of all of Africa.

4. Have a Praslin Beach Day

Praslin beach
Enjoy an array of ocean activities at Raffles Praslin.

Praslin is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, but few can match the quietness and seclusion of Anse Georgette. If you’re looking to get away from the bustle and crowds at some of the Seychelles’ more popular beaches, this is the perfect place to do it.

Plan a picnic, grab a book, or even just a towel if the water is all you’re here for. This pretty bay is accessible to all. Guests at Constance Lemuria can be transferred, while non-guests can take a scenic and green 30-minute to an hour-long walk to reach the area. Sometimes the hotel limits the number of visitors, so if you’re not a guest it’s always best to call ahead and let them know you’re coming!

5. Kayaking and Snorkelling

Swim with the vibrant coral reef residents

Water sports are synonymous with the Seychelles, and how could they not be when the turquoise waters almost seem to call out to you on the hottest of days? The crystal-clear waters of La Digue are best explored in a glass kayak – the view from inside is amazing and completely different to a regular kayak (which while different, still offers a wonderful experience).

With all the options to choose from, you won’t struggle to find snorkel-friendly waters in the Seychelles. Most resorts can arrange this for guests and provide any necessary equipment, but if you’re not staying at a resort, worry not, the waters are open to all. Port Launay Marine Park is a prime snorkelling spot because of its warm waters and brilliant fauna. But if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter away from the crowds, the secluded Anse Badamier is a personal favourite.

6. Island Hopping

Mahe Island, Seychelles
Explore the largest island in the Seychelles Archipelago.

When visiting any Indian Ocean archipelago, island hopping is absolutely necessary on your list of “Seychelles Things to Do”, and the best way to experience the best of each island. Mahe always makes for a great and central starting point. Home to the capital city, Mahe is one of the best places to get a taste of the culture, the food, and the Seychelles “city life” before taking a ferry to your next location!

La Digue is just an hour and a half away by ferry with a stopover in Praslin, making this route a top choice amongst island hoppers. From there, the Seychelles are your oyster – snorkel on Félicité or have a barbecue and hike the mangroves and nature trails on Curieuse. Hop on the 15-minute helicopter ride to Silhouette Island for pristine beaches or virgin rainforest hiking – remember to take your time on each island for the best experience.

7. Gourmet Picnic or Dinner on a Private Beach

Raffles, Praslin, Seychelles
Enjoy a romantic beach sundowner picnic | Raffles Praslin

Undeniably romantic, this is one of the best things to do in Seychelles with a partner. Some restaurants and resorts such as Praslin’s Raffles, on Cousine Island, are more than happy to set up a casual outdoor dining experience on request. You’ll find that many even have this option readily available to honeymooners and couples, and that’s because nothing quite compares to the breathtaking experience of seeing the sunset off on some of Seychelles’ best beaches.

If you’re not staying at a resort that does this, you can still call ahead and inform the hotel staff that you would like to book the area and bring your own basket along. A shoreside meal as the waters beat gently on the sand just a few meters away and the crimson sunset skies turn dark and star-filled, is one of the most romantic experiences ever!

8. Tour Victoria Town & the Victoria Market

Explore all that the vibrant hub of Victoria Town has to offer.

The cultural hub of the nation, Victoria is the best place to catch a glimpse of the people that make up this special nation in their daily lives. Stroll through the streets of the capital, admire the colonial buildings or shop around the local stores and visit one of the local galleries or the botanical gardens.

When you’re ready to make your way to the lively Victoria Market, you can expect friendly vendors with rows of fresh produce (it’s easy to find something fresh to munch on) as well as fresh fish. If you’re feeling peckish, there are plenty of street food vendors around offering a taste of truly Creole cuisine. Finally, you can stop by the crafts or garments stores for a handmade souvenir to take back home.

9. Head Inland for a Hike

Ephelia Seychelles nature hike.

It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of the picturesque coastlines all around you, but the scenic trails all over Seychelles make it so worth it to forgo the resort life, even if only for a little while. When you’re feeling energetic enough to leave your resort and want a different view of the land, we recommend strapping up your hiking shoes and taking a trail on.

Morne Seychellois National Park is a highly favoured park with several extensive trails of varying levels of difficulty and appeal. The Copolia’s panoramic views of Mahe, Victoria, and neighbouring islands make it worth the challenge (it’s not easy). While on Praslin, the trek from Mont Plaisir ends on the postcard-perfect beach of Anse Lazio, where you can cool down in clear waters.

10. Simply Relax

Le Domaine del Orangeraie, La Passe, Seychelles
Treat yourselves to a couples massage in a treatment room with panoramic views | Le Domaine del Orangeraie

The memo for all beach holidays is to simply kick back and relax, and you should leave time to do just that. An itinerary is great, and there is quite a lot to do all around you, but some days you just want to take it all in without having to move around too much.

Go to the spa, spend your day by the resort pool, take a leisurely stroll, or just hang out on the beach – see where the day takes you and go for it, and if you find yourself wondering what to do in Seychelles, come back to our list.

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