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More and more travellers prefer to focus on where they're going and less on how they're getting there. Vacations like adventure cruises are popular choices for these voyagers who are seeking more active excursions that place emphasis on nature, environmentally friendly practices and cultural experiences.

If you're interested in expedition cruises, or perhaps you're an avid cruiser because they're easy to plan and offer a variety of experiences and great value, then you'll love an African safari vacation. A safari is an unforgettable trip for the entire family – from tots and teens to parents and grandparents – just like the best family cruises are. Not only will a safari deliver the same all-in-one luxury experiences as say European river cruises or Mediterranean cruises, it also offers excitement, true exploration and authentic wildlife encounters similar to Alaska cruises or Arctic expedition cruises – especially in remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Plus, it allows you to travel safely and healthily which is top-of-mind for every traveller, now more than ever. In fact, the very nature of an African safari has always made it one of the safest ways to travel.

So why would you enjoy a safari if you love a cruise trip vacation? Let’s take a look at what an African safari will offer you:

One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Just like Arctic and Alaska cruises or Galapagos cruise tours, an African safari is the best way to see one of the most exotic and naturally beautiful destinations in the world. From guided tours of major cities and picturesque towns to cultural encounters in rural villages, a trip to Africa has it all and then some. Where else in the world can you get up close to the Big 5 in an ancient volcanic caldera, witness our planet’s most colossal terrestrial migration, sit with endangered gorillas in their natural habitat, and crown your vacation with some R&R on a tropical island – all in one itinerary!

There’s a Safari for Every Traveller


Whether you’re newlyweds looking for a romantic honeymoon destination or a multi-generational brood considering family cruise trips, Africa has it all. It’s truly a bucket-list destination that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences for every type of traveller. There are even safari camps and lodges that waive their single supplement fees, making it easier for solo travellers to experience the magic of Africa.

Like family cruises, many safari lodges are geared for children of all ages and offer dedicated babysitter services, kids’ clubs and age-appropriate activities (animal tracking, arts and crafts, bow and arrow shooting, outdoor cinemas, etc.) that will keep the youngsters occupied while parents enjoy thrilling game drives or some peace and quiet beside a private pool. Other camps are small and intimate, offering star-beds and private dining experiences in romantic locations – a firm favourite for honeymooners.

Whether you’re travelling with the family or celebrating a special occasion with a loved-one, safari travel is safe, professionally managed and tailored to your unique preferences.

High Levels of Personalised Service


Thanks to a high staff-to-guest ratio (generally three or five to one), safari lodges and camps deliver excellent service and cleanliness. You’ll be in the safe hands of your personal guide throughout your stay, complimented by other staff like your camp host, butler, waiters, chef, and housekeepers – all of whom will feel like family within the first day. Not only does this mean you get fantastic personalised service, but you can expect cleanliness as well. Your room or tent and all the common areas are immaculately cleaned each day.

The levels of personalisation at safari lodges and camps are second to none, and devoted staff will cater to your every whim. A completely tailor-made itinerary will also ensure that lodges are aware of any special needs you may have – like being able to enjoy your favourite drink or vegan meals in the middle of the African wilderness.

No Crowds

Whether you’re enjoying a thrilling game drive, transferring between camps or sitting down for a sumptuous dinner, social distancing is a characteristic attribute of safari. Unlike a big beach resort or a cruise ship, you will not come into close contact with crowds of other travellers while on safari.

Lodges and camps are generally designed to be small and intimate (the number of rooms or tented suites can range from six to 12), fully immersing you in beautiful natural settings. Dining takes place at your own table, spaced at a safe distance from others to ensure privacy and safety.

During game drives and road transfers, the number of passengers in a safari vehicle is also limited. Usually open-sided 4x4s, these vehicles generally accommodate up to six guests on three rows of tiered bench seats, ensuring safety and a great view for each passenger. You can even arrange a completely private vehicle for you and your travelling partner(s) – a great option for lovers of family cruises. When taking to the air, transfers between lodges are done in light aircrafts that usually have capacity for six to 12 passengers – but private charter flights are also available.

Considering a Safari Vacation?

Clean & Fresh Air

Far from commercial industries and pollution, Africa’s wide-open spaces nourish the body and mind with the healthiest natural air. You’ll spend around a quarter of the day on game drives in the great outdoors, marvelling at Africa’s majestic wildlife and stopping at scenic locations to enjoy picnics and sundowner drinks. If you’re staying in a private game reserve, you’ll have the opportunity to go on night game drives and walking safaris – an incredible way to explore the great outdoors and experience Africa with all your senses.

Back at camp, you’re never confined to an enclosed space like a cruise line’s cabin – your tented suite is spacious and well-ventilated. In the evenings you can look forward to sitting around a cosy campfire, listening to your guide’s tales of derring-do while a never-ending blanket of stars fills the African night sky.

Great Value for Money


Cruise vacations offer value for money because the fares usually include things like food, accommodation and entertainment. African safaris are all-inclusive, meaning you pay a set daily rate per person that includes your accommodation, meals, snacks, and standard drinks plus activities like game drives and guided walks. Although it’s one of the reasons why safari vacations might seem expensive at first glance, all-inclusive trips actually offer excellent value for money.

What’s Included in a Set Daily Rate?

  • Your room, tent or suite at a safari lodge.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • All standard drinks – soft drinks (like sodas and bottled water), beer, wine and regular spirits. Special drinks like rare or exotic liquors are not included.
  • Activities like game drives and guided nature walks.
  • Wi-Fi at safari lodges and in selected vehicles (dependent on connectivity).
  • Road transfers from local airports and airstrips to safari lodges.

Choosing an all-inclusive holiday like a safari means smart savings. But that doesn’t mean skimping on comfort or luxury. In fact, some of Africa’s most luxurious safari accommodations offer all-inclusive daily rates that incorporate unrestricted access to sommelier-run wine cellars, exquisite gourmet cuisine and a rich range of game-viewing activities in the care of some of Africa’s top professional guides. This standard of accommodation is all about delighting and surprising you – whether it’s a steaming, scented bath awaiting you after the evening game drive or an al fresco breakfast served at a scenic spot looking out over game-filled plains – not a typical activity on a luxury cruise vacation.

Easy to Plan: Logistics Are Taken Care Of


Many travellers love trips like summer cruises for their families that package together transportation and accommodations. This makes them easy to plan: pick your ship, itinerary and cabin, and away you go.

When you book your African safari with a full-service partner like Go2Africa, all your travel logistics are taken care of. Your personal preferences, travel wishes and budget are expertly matched to carefully selected accommodations, activities and experiences. Every little detail is taken care of, so you can just show up and enjoy your vacation – every flight, every activity, every accommodation, and every chaperone or guide who’ll meet you at each transfer point… Everything from A to Z.

Ready to Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime?

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