About Me

I was born in Johannesburg and grew up in South Africa before heading to Europe with my German parents to do my schooling in Germany. As a young child I toured South and Southern Africa with my family whenever we could and we were always on the road heading off to some remote place or into the bush! I do remember going to school occasionally (!) but what I remember most was the places we visited like driving through desert landscapes or watching wildlife.

Once I finished my tourism degree in Europe, my South African husband and I decided to tour Europe as well as the United States, so we took some time out and set off to enjoy a bit of the world. On our return we decided live in South Africa where I have stayed loyal to the tourism industry, which I joined in 1998. I enjoy my job and love working with different countries in Southern, East and South Africa.

Where have I travelled

I have travelled extensively to most countries within Southern Africa like BotswanaNamibiaZimbabweZambia and, of course, South Africa. In 2015, I went throughout East Africa to see TanzaniaKenya and Zanzibar with my colleagues Ashley and Mary. In 2016, I had the privilege of experiencing Rwanda and doing an incredible gorilla trek.

I also travelled extensively when I lived in Europe: I lived in Germany and France and travelled to Italy, Croatia, Turkey, the Canary Islands, Spain, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden as well as Canada (loved the Rocky Mountains!) and the United States.

My favourite travel moment

One of my favourite areas is Namibia, especially the unique rocky landscape of Damaraland and the remoteness of the Skeleton Coast. What I love about Africa is the unique and beautiful scenery and the vast open plains featuring nothing but wildlife.

On my travel bucket list

I'd love to visit Uganda for its unique nature experience as well as chimp and gorilla trekking. Even though I have been to Kenya before, I feel there is so much more to explore because it has such a huge diversity of landscapes, cultures and wildlife.