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Venturing on an African safari is akin to stepping into a living, breathing canvas where you are immersed in the raw, untamed beauty of this wild and magical continent. It’s a journey that transforms a simple getaway into a life-changing adventure that leaves you yearning for your next return. An African safari is a gift that keeps on giving.

But, Africa requires our care and commitment to conservation. We believe in safeguarding this extraordinary continent, ensuring that the marvels it offers today will be preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come. At Go2Africa, we are passionately dedicated to this cause, actively supporting Positive Impact projects and initiatives across the continent. We collaborate with local partners who share our unwavering commitment and vision.

And now, you too can play a vital role in this noble endeavour through Go2Africa's Positive Impact (PI) Referral Program. By sharing your passion for safaris with your loved ones or network, you contribute to the support of one of our impactful initiatives - the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). Join us in protecting wildlife, uplifting communities, and caring for the environment, creating a positive legacy for Africa's future.

Photo by Louis Nel, G2A Email Marketing Manager.

How Does the Positive Impact Referral Program Work?

Photo by Louis Nel, G2A Email Marketing Manager.

Anyone, whether they’ve travelled with Go2Africa before or not, can participate in our PI Referral Program by simply referring us, using their unique code, to friends, family members or anyone in their network who has not previously enquired with us.

If one or more of their referrals books a trip through Go2Africa to the value of US$15,000, we will donate US$500 (per booking) on behalf of the referrer to the Endangered Wildlife Trust – a prominent organisation committed to conserving Africa’s most threatened species.

What Is the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)?

EWT using radio telemetry to track down African wild dog in the Kruger, South Africa.
EWT team members using radio telemetry to track down African wild dogs in Kruger, South Africa.

Founded in 1973, the Endangered Wildlife Trust is a non-governmental, not-for-profit conservation organisation based in South Africa. EWT is dedicated to conserving Africa’s threatened species and ecosystems. EWT has an extensive list of conservation projects throughout Southern Africa, from safeguarding critically endangered African wild dogs to protecting drylands and supporting local communities.

Rules of PI Referral Program

Photo by Kate McIntosh, G2A Africa Safari Expert.
  • Anyone can participate in the program, whether they are a client of Go2Africa or not.
  • You can only refer to people you know, i.e. family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Referrals are only valid if they have not travelled with Go2Afria before and are not already planning a trip with Go2Africa.
  • Referrals are only valid if the referred person is not travelling with the referrer.
  • The donation will only be paid by Go2Africa on behalf of the referrer once the referred person pays a deposit for the trip.
  • The donation will only be paid by Go2Africa on behalf of the referrer if the referred person books a trip through Go2Africa with a minimum spend of US$15,000.

Read the full terms and conditions of the PI Referral Program >

Plan Your Safari Adventure & See What Your Donation is Protecting

Experience the magical wilderness and majestic wildlife that local organisations, like EWT, are working around the clock to conserve and protect by booking a safari getaway to Africa. With over 20 years of first-hand experience and knowledge, our Africa Safari Experts are perfectly positioned to craft the holiday of your dreams. Get in touch to start planning your next vacation:

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