Protecting Wildlife, Uplifting Communities and Caring for the Planet

As a leader in the safari travel sphere, we’re proud that one of our core values at Go2Africa is ‘We Conserve’. To live wholeheartedly by our values, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients’ trips serve as an aid to conserve and protect Africa’s wildlife, wild places, and the surrounding communities.

We are actively involved in initiatives across the continent with local partners who share our commitment and vision for travel as an opportunity to drive positive impact. Together, we aim to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Africa’s natural ecosystems and the people whose livelihoods are directly linked to it.

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Protecting Africa’s biodiversity is not possible without the involvement of local communities. Remote communities have co-existed with wildlife for centuries, and the key to restoring and protecting Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas lies firmly in their hands. We are involved in diverse initiatives supporting community development projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia.

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It’s our responsibility to protect our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by radically changing travel’s impact on nature. Eco-tourism is about preserving the integrity of the destination, leaving a light footprint on the natural environment you are exploring. We support environmental projects that are geared to restoring the Earth’s resources.

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All safaris booked with Go2Africa contribute to raising funds for wildlife conservation. Each visitor to Africa’s national parks, game reserves and private conservancies must pay a conservation levy for every day spent inside these magnificent wildlife areas. These fees are calculated into your safari with us. We have also partnered with pioneers in heroic wildlife initiatives, supporting vital efforts to save endangered African wild dogs and mountain gorillas.

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Our Safaris That Protect, Empower & Restore:

We offer a range of safari itineraries that allow you to truly make a difference when you travel to Africa.

All of our Positive Impact Safaris include a donation from Go2Africa to one or more of the Positive Impact projects and partnerships we actively support across the continent.

Some of these safaris also allow you to have hands-on experiences, or visit one of our wildlife, community or environmental projects run by one of our many partners. This could be anything from helping to collar a rhino to gather vital conservation data, to painting a schoolroom and giving your own lesson in a rural village.

Get in touch with our team of Africa Safari Experts to help tailor-make your safari that will make a difference.

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