Top 3 Funniest Wildlife Voice Over Clips on the Web

If you’re in the mood for a giggle, I’ve got just the thing for you. These three compilations do a stellar job of rounding up common scenes found in nature and dubbing voiceovers to give us a comical nudge. Enjoy…

#1 Alan, Alan, Alan!

This is the first episode of the brilliant Walk on the Wildside skit series from BBC One. Jason Manford conducts the comedy and Stephen Fry makes a vocal guest appearance. I bet you’ll never hear the name ‘Alan’ the same way again.

#2 Moonwalking flamingo

Earth Rangers is a conservation organisation for kids. You know we love a good laugh as much as kids do, so even though Earth Rangers has created this voiceover wildlife clip for children, I’m sure you’ll agree that its comedy speaks to all ages.

#3 Night time… day time…

Here we have episode 3 of the second series of BBC One’s Walk on the Wildside. Over 13 million YouTube users have already chuckled their way through this episode of Jason Manford’s comedic creation.

My two favourite things have found a perfect fusion in these videos: humour and wildlife. I’ve always wondered what all the buzzing, squawking, moaning and gazing was all about. Now I know.