When is the Best Time to Visit Mozambique?

The May to November winter season is when to go to Mozambique for cooler temperatures and the least chance of rain. December to April is the rainy summer season, although it generally rains in brief but vigorous downpours after which the sun comes out again. Note that January and February is cyclone season in southern Mozambique and there's every chance of a great deal of torrential rain – we'd advise avoiding the Bazaruto Archipelago at this time.

If the main focus of your Mozambique holiday is game viewing, then the best time to visit Mozambique is during the dry months of August and September when the bush has thinned out and wildlife is concentrated around rivers and waterholes.

Month-by-Month Guide for Travelling to Mozambique:

Visiting Mozambique from January to March

Diving with sea turtles, Mozambique | Go2Africa

January marks the start of Mozambique’s rainy season and cyclones occasionally affect the coast, particularly in the south of the country. If you’re planning on visiting in January, then the beaches of Ponta do Ouro to Inhaca Island are where to go in Mozambique.

February and March follow suit with January, but are known for being the best time for snorkelling with whale sharks and seeing nesting turtles – especially leatherback and loggerheads which favour the beaches from Bazaruto south to Ponta do Ouro.


Travelling to Mozambique in April & May

Azura Quilalea Private Island Aerial View, Mozambique | Go2Africa

April is a pleasant time as the summer rains have cleared and the days are filled with sunshine and soft, cool breezes. The landscape is green and lush, and the ocean conditions are perfect for scuba diving. The water is clear and tranquil, offering the best conditions for getting up close and personal with fascinating marine species.

May is the best time to visit Mozambique’s beaches. It is renowned for being one of the best months for paying a visit to the coast and visiting many of the World Heritage Sites located along the shoreline.


Visiting Mozambique from June to August

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When visiting Mozambique in June, July and August, the evenings can get a bit colder than other times of the year, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent. Game reserves begin to open in the north at the start of June, while the humpback whale migration can be viewed first-hand off the coastline. These are tropical months and mark the start of the best time to go to Mozambique, especially if you’re after an authentic safari experience paired with a beach holiday atmosphere.


Visiting Mozambique in September & October

Whale Watching at Vamizi Island, Mozambique | Go2Africa

The best time to be in Mozambique for game viewing is from September through to November. The dry season is in full swing, which brings thirsty wildlife out to their watering holes. This may give safari enthusiasts the unique opportunity of seeing newborn young being introduced to the world at the Gorongosa National Park.

The weather is calm and warm for both months, September being a great month for seeing humpback whales and October is the start of the turtle breeding season – offering a greater chance of encountering them while diving and snorkelling on Mozambique tours.


Travelling to Mozambique in November & December

Azura Quilalea Private Island Dhow, Mozambique | Go2Africa

When visiting Mozambique in November, the days are sunny and hot, but the rains do start at this time of year. The humidity is high, but the cool ocean temperatures are perfect for cooling off and taking a dip from a traditional dhow. Mozambique is a very well-known destination for birdwatching and November is one of the best months on the calendar for it.

It’s advisable to book your December holiday well in advance for a Christmas visit. During this period, turtles come ashore for nesting and if marine giants are what you’re after, then December is a great month for spotting whale sharks, reef sharks and manta rays.


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