When Is the Best Time To Visit Rubondo Island National Park?

Rubondo Island might not be in the middle of the Indian Ocean like Zanzibar and Seychelles, but it has everything else you could ever want from a getaway on a tropical island paradise. This hidden gem enjoys pleasant temperatures and a warm climate all year-round. However, there are parts of the year that are a little more enjoyable than others.

The best time to go to Rubondo Island is from June to September. During this time, the national park experiences its dry season, which provides the optimal conditions for game viewing and walking the trails around the area. This does not mean that any time outside this period is a bad time to visit Rubondo Island – there’s plenty to enjoy at every time of year. We break it down month-by-month below:

Month-by-Month Guide for Travelling to Rubondo Island National Park

Visiting Rubondo Island National Park From January to March

Egret sits on the shore of a beach in Rubondo National Park, Tanzania.

January, February and March fall within Rubondo Island’s green season. This time of year is also known as the wet season, as the region sees majority of its annual precipitation during this period. The national park is particularly lush throughout these months, surrounding you with beautiful greenery and tropical rainforests.

These months provide the perfect conditions for avid birders to enjoy the arrival of the migrant flocks. With a variety of over 300 different bird species, it’s not surprising that many people have dubbed this East African gem the ‘Bird Island’. The cherry on top is that visitors can relish in birding either on land or on boat trips.


Visiting Rubondo Island National Park in April & May

Couple enjoys the view of Lake Victoria on the deck of Rubondo Island Camp in Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania.

April and May are Rubondo Island’s rainiest months of the year, when the area experiences its long rains. Expect downpours and showers interspersed with sunny spells, all set against warm temperatures. This is usually when Rubondo Island and Tanzania as a whole goes through a quieter tourism season – which, ironically, makes it a fantastic time to visit. When travelling to the region during this time, you’ll enjoy smaller crowds, lower prices, impeccable birding, and a beautiful change in landscape.


Travelling to Rubondo Island National Park During June to October

Elephant spotted on a game drive in Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania.

June to October is Rubondo Island’s dry season – which is widely regarded as the best time to visit the region. This is because vegetation dries out, making it easier to spot game from a safari vehicle or boat as they wander through the savanna and rainforests of the island. It is also the optimal time to enjoy the many walking trails around the area- they are much easier to navigate when dry.


Visiting Rubondo Island National Park During November & December

Forest walk through Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania.

Although November and December still fall within Rubondo Island’s wet season, it is relatively light and experiences what is known as the short rains. Expect the odd afternoon shower here and there. Game viewing is still exceptional, and the conditions are primed to fully enjoy a luxury adventure on Rubondo Island.


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