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Traveller Reviews

Our trip was amazing! Quite possibly the best that we have ever taken. It has been so hard to return home . The staff at all of the hotels were nothing but supremely professional and responsive. I'm afraid that any future vacation I take will only leave me longing for my 2 weeks in South Africa. Thank you so much for your assistance, we had the time of our lives and give you and Go2Africa all the credit.

Sean Heffron who worked with Tanya Ellis on his January 2014 safari

I was astounded at how helpful and so willing you were to go the extra mile to make it possible for Gary and Lauren to give this trip away, as the short notice cancellation did not allow a refund. You and the people you work with in Uganda and Go2Africa seemed to have moved heaven and earth to get all the bookings changed, to inform all the people involved....and to ensure that everything would go as smoothly as though there had never been such a last minute change in bookings. Your thoughtfulness in getting 2 single beds in a room...that was so appreciated.

Helga Holst who worked with Emma Harrop on her December 2013 safari

As you rightly wrote, we did have a vacation of a lifetime. You helped me prove a theory that I have: it is better to book an adventure vacation with a company like your rather with a local travel agent. Your hotels, transportation systems, itinerary timelines, were smooth and efficient. I booked with you confident in the knowledge that, if had experienced a glitch, you would have been there to sort it out – as you did for us last time. Many thanks. We will be coming back, probably in company with friends to have them share with us, and you, the wonders of Africa.

Barry Shaw who worked with Tracy Payne on his November 2013 safari

Everything was wonderful! We've traveled to 37 different countries on 6 continents, and this is the first time that we arranged our trip through an agent, and we were not disappointed. Thank you for your help. We'll be sure to contact you and Go2Africa for our next visit!

Russell Pekar who worked with Shelley Hess on his November 2013 safari

Go2Africa was the best choice I could have made.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was taken care of.  From the moment I landed in Nairobi, to the flight out, I could lay aside all responsibility, schedule, worry, and concern.  What a gift, to simply be in the moment and trust that all was well.  Africa is truly the trip of a lifetime. I left a large part of my heart, and took a lifetime of memories.

Kathy Reese who worked with Lauren Johannson on her October 2013 safari

We had an amazing trip and everything was fabulous. It was such an enjoyable vacation and all the arrangements were perfect. We cannot thank you enough! It was such a memorable trip for our family. We will for sure be back in Africa in the future and since this is the second time we have used Go2Africa, we have again been so impressed with the great service you have provided and how well organized everything was.

Ryan Wilcox who worked with Ashley Groenevelt on his December 2013 safari

I cannot thank you enough for organising our Garden Route trip. Thank you for your prompt responses to our requests and taking care of all the finer details. If only we could turn back the hands of time. More Quarters and their staff deserve a special mention for their property and, more especially, their service. We are looking forward to planning our next trip through Go2Africa.

Nonjabulo Hlongwa who worked with Jenieen van den Heever on her December 2013 holiday

I wanted to write to you to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip for us on our recent trip to South Africa. Sharon, you were great before, during and after this amazing adventure. If it was not for you and your great organizing skills I know we could not have had such a safe, wonderful and comfortable holiday. You were very informative, easy to reach and very patient through out the arranging of this trip. Thank you for arranging a trip of a life time for us. We would love to come back and see the things that we did not have time to do on this trip. We are very grateful to you.

Pamela Mehra who worked with Sharon Kemp on her January 2014 holiday

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