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Zimbabwe is a one-stop destination that caters for every traveller type – its dramatic, ever-changing landscape promises a variety of activities that will delight even the most discerning safari goers. Thrill-seekers and those who like to keep active will find a great deal to satisfy their adventurous appetite in Africa’s Adventure Capital, Victoria Falls. Animal lovers can look forward to a classic safari experience in Hwange National Park or a water-based one in Mana Pools National Park. History buffs will enjoy time in Matobo National Park, with its ancient Khoisan rock art sites. And for those tagging along for an overdue break from reality, Lake Kariba and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve are the ideal places to unwind while surrounded by picturesque beauty and the tranquillity of nature.

Wherever you interest may lie, Zimbabwe has you covered. To give you an idea of the best ways to explore this safari gem, here are the best Zimbabwe safari tours:

1. Explore Zimbabwe’s Matobo, Hwange, Victoria Falls & Lake Kariba

Duration: 11 Days | Countries: 1 | Locations: 4

A Bumi Hills guest soaking up the sensational views of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Explore some of Zimbabwe’s wilderness gems, beginning in the hauntingly beautiful rocky landscape of Matobo National Park and ending on the wildlife-frequented banks of Lake Kariba. On the way, touch down in Hwange National Park, known for its spectacular big game viewing, and stop by Victoria Falls for a bit of adrenaline-filled fun. Promising a good mixture of wildlife encounters, untouched wilderness and unforgettable experiences, this tour through the country’s best spots is a great introduction to the world of African safari.


  • Explore some of Zimbabwe’s hot spots
  • Excellent big cat sightings in Matabo National Park
  • Guided safari walks through Hwange National Park
  • Adventure activities at Victoria Falls & on the Zambezi River
  • Sunset cruises on Lake Kariba
  • Family-friendly accommodation

Best for…

First-timers, families & couples.

2. A Romantic Getaway to Kruger, Zimbabwe & Mozambique

Duration: 12 Days | Countries: 3 | Locations: 4

Romantic tour through kruger zimbabwe mozambique.

Indulge all your senses on this 12-day intimate, luxury escape through some of Africa’s best destinations. Classic African safaris, traversing rugged, untamed landscapes in search of the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) take you through the world-renowned Kruger National Park and undiscovered big game gem, Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. And when you’ve had your fill of bush adventures, spend the last four days of your trip recovering on golden Bazaruto beaches. A perfect bush-and-beach escape that will delight your inner romantic.


  • Idyllic bush & beach vacation
  • Reliable Big 5 sightings in the Kruger Private Reserve & Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve
  • Spot the famous Sabi Sands leopards
  • See Malilangwe’s rare black rhino
  • 5-star, luxury accommodation
  • Water-based activities in the Bazaruto Archipelago
  • Private butler service while in Mozambique

Best for…

Honeymoons & romantic getaways.

3. Off the Beaten Path in Vic Falls, Hwange & Mana Pools

Duration: 7 days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 3

Sunset in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Spend 7 incredible days exploring some of Southern Africa’s best safari destinations. The adventure begins in the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria Falls – one of the continent’s standout attractions and a must-see for anyone travelling to Zambia. After indulging in luxury at a top safari lodge and enjoying the cascading water of Africa’s biggest waterfall, you’ll cross the border into Zimbabwe. Thrilling game viewing and wildlife encounters await you in two of Zimbabwe’s heavyweight national parks – Hwange and Mana Pools. This adventure is perfect for those who want to experience a safari away from the crowds and with activities focusing on the beauty and wildlife of the region, a few of the itinerary’s highlights include a tour of mighty Victoria Falls, game drives, river cruises, canoe safaris and guided walks.


  • Off-the-beaten-path safari destinations
  • Enjoy luxurious stays at intimate, authentic camps throughout
  • Explore top safari destinations like Victoria Falls, Hwange & Mana Pools
  • Thrill game drives in wildlife-rich areas
  • River cruises, canoe safaris & guided walks

Best for…

Avid safari-goers

4. Family Bonding in Victoria Falls, Hwange & Lake Kariba

Duration: 11 Days | Countries: 1 | Locations: 3

Head on a family holiday to family through Zimbabwe Falls, Hwange and Kariba. 

See all the wonders that Zimbabwe has to offer on this 11-day itinerary. Begin in Africa’s Adventure Capital, Victoria Falls, exploring the continent’s largest waterfall through cultural tours and exhilarating activities, like white-water rafting on the Zambezi River or ziplining over the forest canopy. Then it’s on to Hwange for a more traditional safari experience that includes game drives through the bushland in search of lion, elephant and more. Lastly, your days will be spent aboard a luxury cruiser on the tranquil waters of Lake Kariba, spotting hippos as you take in the magical sunset from the bow of the boat.


  • Reliable Big 5 sightings, especially elephant, in Hwange National Park
  • Luxury safari cruise on Lake Kariba
  • Exclusive use of properties & houseboat
  • Mix adrenaline & history at Victoria Falls

Best for…

Multi-generational families.

5. The Ultimate Zimbabwe & Livingstone Safari

Duration: 13 Days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 4

Game drive with Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

True to its name, this tour hits all of Zimbabwe’s safari hotspots, including the mega-tourist attraction, Victoria Falls, from the Zambian side. Immerse yourself in nature and take in the vast wildlife in a variety of ways, from sunset cruises on Lake Kariba to night drives through Hwange and armchair safaris while viewing passing animals from the comfort of camp. This truly is the ‘ultimate’ way to explore the very best that the country has to offer.


  • Excellent big game sightings in Mana Pools & Hwange National Parks
  • Fantastic armchair game viewing
  • Sunset cruises on Lake Kariba & Zambezi River
  • Spot rare African wild dog in Mana Pools
  • Walking excursions & night game drives in Hwange
  • Guided tour of Victoria Falls

Best for…

Small groups & families

6. Unforgettable Adventures in Botswana, Zimbabwe & Namibia

Duration: 17 Days | Countries: 3 | Locations: 7

Scenic flights over Victoria Falls are on offer at Ilala Lodge Hotel , Zimbabwe.

What do the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta, the lush riverine forest of Victoria Falls and Namibia’s arid desert have in common? Not only that they’re three of Africa’s most dramatic landscapes – a real feast for the eyes – but they’re also an adventure-seekers wonderland. Explore the Delta’s wetlands on a mokoro, watching elephants quenching their thirst on the banks as you float past hippos in this traditional dugout canoe. Encounter the world-famous waterfall by bungee jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge or ziplining over Batoka Gorge. End your journey with a road trip through Namibia’s gems, stopping off to climb the popular sand dunes of Sossusvlei.


  • Experience three of Africa’s most dramatic landscapes
  • Climb some of the biggest sand dunes in the world
  • Road trip through Namibia’s best spots
  • Adventure activities in Victoria Falls
  • Mokoro (traditional canoe) rides through the Okavango Delta

Best for…

Adventurous travellers

7. Private Guided Trips & Tours in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Duration: 13 Days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 3

An elephant walks past the main area of Old Mondoro Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.

Spend 13 days traversing the untamed wilderness of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Led by a highly-experienced and trained private guide, who will be by your side throughout the entire trip, you’ll embark on walking excursions through some of Southern Africa’s most popular destinations. From Big 5 games in Hwange and Matabo National Parks to adventure and water activities in Victoria Falls and Lower Zambezi, you and your family can enjoy some of the best safari experiences that these countries have to offer.


  • Big 5 & wildlife encounters in Hwange and Matabo National Parks
  • Boating safari and kayaking on the Zambezi River in Lower Zambezi
  • Enjoy adventure activities in Victoria Falls
  • An expert private guide accompanies you throughout your trip
  • Great birding & cultural experiences, like rock art

Best for:

Adventurous couples.

8. Magical Moments in Victoria Falls, Hwange & Mana Pools

Duration: 9 Days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 3

Dinner with a view of elephants at Kanga Camp, Mana Pools in northern Zimbabwe.

Start your adventure off at the ever-popular Victoria Falls, exploring the continent’s largest waterfall and all that comes with it. When you’ve had your fill of Africa’s Adventure Capital, cross over into Hwange for a classic safari experience, where your days are filled with game drives through the park and tracking rhinos on foot. Your journey ends in Mana Pools for a more water-based safari, where you’ll find yourself ambling along the meandering Zambezi River in search of big game roaming the area.


  • See one of the Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls
  • Track white rhino on foot
  • Night game drives through Hwange National Park
  • Sunset cruises on the Zambezi River
  • Excellent Big 5 sightings
  • Water-based safaris in Mana Pools National Park

Best for…

Avid safari-goers.

9. A Family Trip to Cape Town, Kruger & Victoria Falls

Duration: 11 Days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 4

Avani guests have unlimited access to the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe.

Experience South Africa and Zimbabwe’s highlights from the lap of luxury. This 11-day adventure has a strong focus on providing unforgettable experiences without skimping on comfort and modern-day conveniences. Enjoy lavish lodgings and personal, friendly service throughout your journey, where a variety of entertaining activities ensure that no two days are the same.


  • See the famous Sabi Sands leopards
  • Explore Cape Town’s beaches & Winelands
  • Excellent Big 5 viewing in a Kruger Private Reserve
  • Adventure activities in Victoria Falls
  • Variety, luxury & comfort throughout the trip

Best for…

Family getaways.

10. A Romantic Escape to Kruger & Zimbabwe

Duration: 9 Days | Countries: 2 | Locations: 3

The swimming pool at Singita Pamushana Lodge, overlooks the Malilangwe Dam, in Zimbabwe.

This 9-day itinerary will have you feeling as if you have the African wilderness all to yourself. You’ll visit the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, a Big 5 haven that borders the immensely popular Kruger National Park, ensuring that you’ll have access to superb game viewing without having to deal with the crowds. Before departing for Zimbabwe, you’ll overnight in Johannesburg, giving you a chance to explore the City of Gold. Your last stop is in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, an undiscovered safari gem that offers excellent big game encounters in a remote setting.


  • Intimate, romantic & luxurious getaway
  • Fantastic Big 5 & popular game viewing in Kruger National Park
  • Exclusive & private accommodation in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve
  • Spot the famous Sabi Sands leopards

Best for…

Honeymoons & romantic getaways.

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