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Madagascar is not only one of the most pristine, idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean, but also a place where most of the flora and fauna are endemic. Thanks to its exquisite tropical forests, lush landscapes, and exceptional beaches, Madagascar has been named a Biodiversity Hotspot – one of only a handful in the world.

For those still asking, why go to Madagascar? If the local wildlife isn’t enticing enough, the beaches should be! Be it the fine, powdery beaches of the main island or the picturesque, paradisical islets around it, including icons such as Nosy Be, Nosy Komba, and île Sainte-Marie. Indulge in a tantalising blend between off-the-beaten track adventure and the sublime luxury of a Madagascar resort. Not only is it a fantastic island getaway in its own right but, given its proximity to Africa, Madagascar is the perfect combination destination for a beach and safari holiday.

From an immersion in the local culture and walks along near-empty beaches to captivating hikes and water-based activities that rival those on other Indian Ocean islands. Whatever the final draw card may be, finding the perfect places to stay in Madagascar is the next step.

Here are our top 15 recommendations on where to stay in Madagascar:

Luxury Resorts, Lodges, and Hotels

1. Constance Tsarabanjina

Views from within a villa at Constance Tsarabanjina in Madagascar | Go2Africa
Gorgeous villa views | Constance Tsarabanjina

In-keeping with the well-established reputation of its sister resorts, Constance Tsarabanjina, offers the a sublime five-star experience on the secluded islet of Nosy Tsarabanjina. Picture a Robinson Crusoe-esque resort, with a chic, luxury twist. While no contemporary comfort has been spared, the emphasis of this experience lies in its exquisite natural surroundings. Wooden, palm-thatched villas located on the north and south beach offer modern amenities with a touch of Malagasy decorative flair.

Delight in an array of adventurous activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, catamaran sailing, and stand up paddle boarding. Back on land, embark on a guided walk around the island and soak in the panoramic views. Alternatively, lounge by the pool or enjoy a few board games borrowed from the bar. Dine at the restaurant or down on the beach and indulge in some Malagasy fare and fresh seafood.


  • Located on a small, secluded islet
  • Al fresco beach dining
  • Ample aquatic activities
  • Guided walks around the island

2. Masoala Forest Lodge

A boat pictured near a long stretch of beach with forest found behind at Masoala Lodge in Madagascar | Go2Africa
Overlooking the beautiful beach | Masoala Lodge

A beautifully designed eco-lodge designed to have a light touch on the exquisite natural environment and the wildlife who inhabit it. This exclusive haven is only accessible by foot or boat, and accommodates just a handful of guests at a time. A sublime combination of tropical jungle and beachside bliss offer guests exceptional experiences from the comfort of the lodge.

Swim through clear natural streams and glide along the ocean on kayaks or traditional pirogues (dugout canoes). The protected coastline provides a perfect place to snorkel and explore coral formations. Explore the magic of the tropical forests and its wildlife, including Madagascar’s’ iconic lemurs and an astounding amount of aviary species. Enjoy an elevated viewpoint from thatched, stilted treehouses, offering a luxurious, private retreat.


  • Beautiful eco-lodge located on the beach
  • Only accessible by foot or boat
  • Intimate and exclusive
  • Direct access to a biodiverse forest

3. Time + Tide Miavana

A large bed and spacious seating area with glass sliding doors overlooking a beach in Mauritius | Go2Africa
Gorgeous villas and lovely views | Time + Tide Miavana

A short helicopter ride over captivating landscapes ends on a remote private island off the coast of Madagascar. Spanning roughly 10 square kilometres (6.2 miles), Miavana is a tranquil haven with unobstructed horizons. Discover a new type of luxury; one where the rest of the world doesn’t exist beyond a paradisical island in the Indian Ocean and adventure is only ever a moment away. Learn about the rich history of the island while uncovering its raw, natural beauty.

A finite collection of ocean-front villas adorn the island and offer a serene escape. A carefully thought out, integrative design features Malagasy wood and stone, with hand-dyed textiles. Venture into a vast marine protected area and enjoy an abundance of tropical fish and untouched coral on a snorkelling or scuba diving excursion. Alternatively, remain above the surface for a host of water sports. Back on land, assume the role of modern day explorer and explore the island on foot, by bicycle, buggy, or quad bike alone or with a guide. Embark on a trek to discover the resident Crowned Lemurs who are monitored by a committed conservation team.


  • Intimate private island escape
  • A host of land- and water-based activities
  • Lemur trekking and conservation
  • Exclusive, luxury beachfront villas

4. Anjajavy le Lodge

A table and two chairs overlooking grass and palm trees at Anjajavy le Lodge in Madagascar | Go2Africa
Breakfast is served | Anjajavy le Lodge

A renowned Relais & Chateaux property on the island, Anjajavy le Lodge offers an immersive natural experience located above an exclusive stretch of beach. In an effort to blend in with the nature reserve Anjajavy it inhabits, an intimate collection of rosewood villas were scattered walking distance from the beach. Indulge in delightful delicacies while dining al fresco on the beach, by the pool, or even in the restaurant.

Wake to nature’s harmonic chorus before venturing out to discover the surrounding oasis. Discover deserted creeks, the famous Tsingy, and charming fishing villages. Venture out for a nature walk and admire leaping lemurs, camouflaged chameleons, and trundling tortoises, while vanilla and cocoa plants delicately scent the air. The lodge’s location lends itself to privacy and tranquillity, in addition to the largely undiscovered landscapes it calls home.


  • Rosewood villas located by the beach
  • Immediate access to a nature reserve
  • Beautiful beach and forest views
  • Delightful dining al fresco

5. Mantadia Lodge

A large rimflow pool with surrounding loungers at Mantadia Lodge, Madagascar | Go2Africa
Poolside bliss and valley views | Mantadia Lodge

Immersed in Madagascar’s lush wilderness, this eco-conscious Madagascar lodge offers a space where luxury and service come together to create a relaxing retreat. Optimally located near the entrance to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, the lodge lies on the precipice of one of the island’s most biodiverse regions. Wake to the melodic chorus of birdsong from the surrounding forest before relaxing by the infinity pool, or at the Herbal Spa for a rejuvenating treatment.

Spend days exploring the towering tropical canopies with guided nature tours, hikes, and even biking. While adventuring, keep an eye out for blossoming orchids, far-reaching ferns, and local wildlife; from leaping lemurs to camouflaged chameleons. Keep an eye out for the endemic Indri Indri lemur only found in Andasibe park. Back at the lodge, try your hand at yoga or simply seek cool respite in your Bungalow.


  • Eco-conscious lodge that focuses on sustainability
  • Bungalows are all positioned in the lush forest
  • Infinity pool, spa, and yoga
  • Nature-based activities
  • Access to an exceptional national park

6. Tsara Komba Luxury Beach & Forest Lodge

A bird's eye view of Tsara Komba Beach & Forest Lodge and the beach in Madagascar | Go2Africa
A bird’s eye view of the beach | Tsara Komba Beach & Forest Lodge

Discover an effortless combination of beach and botany. Described as a verdant Eden, the lodge’s tropical botanical garden comprises offer 200 plant and flower species. Not to be outdone, the crystal clear ocean and accompanying white sandy beach are a sight to behold. The lodge is located on Nosy Komba, otherwise known as Lemur Island, a former volcano, which accounts for its rich soils and lush vegetation.

Indulge in a relaxing massage or embrace the spirit of adventure on a guided trek through the forest or a tour of the island in a traditional dugout canoe. Alternatively, seek out the underwater world with a self-guided snorkel, or simply find a sublime spot on the beach. The elevated lodge and its suites enjoy ocean views and spacious terraces embraced by the surrounding canopies. Dine on the main deck and keep an eye for dolphins frolicking in the sun’s final rays.


  • A unique beach and botanical experience
  • Ample activities to enjoy
  • An elevated position offers lovely ocean views
  • A stretch of private beach

Mid-level Hotels, Resorts & Lodges

7. Maison Gallieni

A modern lounge with wood finishes and a swooping staircase with windows that look out onto a garden | Go2Africa
Relax and unwind in the lounge | Maison Gallieni

Found in the bustling, cultural cornucopia, Antananarivo, Maison Gallieni offers an intimate, colonial meets contemporary experience. Originally built in 1879 in an old granite quarry, the building then became Madagascar’s first bank. Today, the hotel shares the building with the Monaco Consulate, and its exquisite views from an esteemed position on the hill. Rich history, lush gardens, and a picture perfect pool create the ultimate combination for an island escape.

A handful of rooms have been tastefully decorated, each with their own modern style and flair. A charming library, dining area, and living room, complete with fireplace, provide comfortable places to relax. Outside, a lush garden and heated pool surrounded by ferns and granite offer peace and tranquillity. Maison Gallieni is half-board with breakfast, which is served in the dining room, or overlooking the view on the veranda. Upon request, the accomplished on-site chef can curate a delicious 3-course dinner. Spend days exploring the city and discovering the Malagsy culture and cuisine at markets and local restaurants.


  • Intimate experience with just a few rooms
  • Beautiful heated pool and surrounding gardens
  • Located in the city of Antananarivo, near markets and points of interest
  • Breakfast included and dinner available on request

8. Les Soileil des Tsingy

An exterior view looking at the interior of a room at Le Soleil des Tsingy in Madagascar | Go2Africa
A beautiful suite surrounded by nature | Les Soleil des Tsingy

Step into the natural haven of Le Soileil des Tsingy and discover a glorious getaway that showcases its exceptional surroundings. Its proximity to Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows visitors to discover a host of indigenous and endemic wildlife species. Venture into the park for its unique stone forests, the ever-bumbling Manambolo river, and the leaping lemurs. Take note of the native meaning for Tsingy, roughly translating to ‘where one cannot walk barefoot’ and pack some hiking boots or walking shoes for a guided trail.

Large terraces extending from the Bungalows offer far-reaching views of lush canopies and adventurous birdlife. Make the most of the naturally heated pool with a lovely view and enjoy the warm embrace of a large solarium, or simply relax and unwind on the deck. A welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere and delicious combination of Malagasy and European cuisine offer a home-away-from-home feeling.


  • Heated pool and large solarium
  • Solar-powered for sustainability
  • Access to Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
  • Delicious local and international cuisine

9. Palissandre Côte Ouest

Poolside views | Palissandre Côte Ouest

Amidst the palm trees and beautiful white sand of Morondava Beach stands Palissandre Côte Ouest. Its thoughtfully designed thatched bungalows are placed throughout the lush, well-maintained gardens and coconut palm trees. Procure a delicious drink and watch the sun set over the horizon before dining al fresco overlooking the pool. Indulge in a spa treatment to aid in the relaxation process and adjust to a relaxed, idyllic island life.

Make the most of seaside locale and embark on a boat tour to see the mangrove lagoons or discover the underwater world with a snorkelling adventure. Alternatively, simply sit back and enjoy watching the rhythmic waves. Found just a 30-40 minute drive away is the legendary Avenue des Baobabs, which is a must-see while in the area – their sheer magnitude is enough to wow any visitor.


  • Located on a section of Morondava Beach
  • Close proximity to the famous Avenue des Baobabs
  • Al fresco dining with local Malagasy options
  • On-site pool and spa facilities

10. Isalo Rock Lodge

An exterior view of the single story Isalo Rock Lodge in Madagascar pictured with a large rock formation to the left | Go2Africa
Mountain magic | Isalo Rock Lodge

Located on a glorious outcrop in the Sandstone Mountains, Isalo Rock Lodge enjoys exceptional views over Isalo National Park in western Madagascar. Its isolated locale offers access to a seemingly endless array of flora and fauna, including local lemurs and giant chameleons. Soak in the natural beauty of the mountains while dining al fresco or enjoying the pool’s cool respite. Solar power, culinary prowess, and modern amenities come together to create a comfortable retreat for discerning travellers.

Discover the lodge’s unique surroundings by 4×4 or on a guided horseback tour to encounter even more of the fascinating microcosm. Isalo National Park is popular amongst walkers and hikers who wish to experience a more intimate interaction with their natural surroundings. Back at the lodge, enjoy the warm red hues cast by the surrounding rocks at sunset and wait patiently as the vast starlit sky comes into focus.


  • Solar power
  • Direct access to Isalo National Park
  • Exceptional views
  • Refreshing pool and delicious cuisine
  • Modern amenities and comfortable suites

11. Antoremba Beach Lodge

Views from a balcony at Antoremba Beach Lodge of the beach, loungers, and trees | Go2Africa
Balcony view on a sunny day | Antoremba Beach Lodge

Enjoy charming, comfortable bungalows complete with modern comforts placed on a peaceful, private beach. Experience what it would be like to live a paradisical island life surrounded by lush forests brimming with unbelievably diverse flora and fauna. Take life back to its roots and bask in the conviviality of simplicity. The lodge is located in a beautiful bay just 20 minutes from the iconic island of Nosy Be, which affords it a unique microclimate.

Spend days on a private stretch of beach watching for tortoises and the odd pod of dolphins or elect to discover the fish and coral in the area. Alternatively, venture across to Nosy Tanikely, which is said to offer greater visibility and coral formations. Dedicate some time to inland excursions including rum distillery tours, visits to volcanic lakes, and even the biodiverse Lokobe Nature Reserve.


  • Easy access to Nosy Be & other small islands
  • Pristine, private beach
  • Inland excursions
  • Snorkelling opportunities

Budget-friendly Accommodation

12. Couleur Café Antsirabe

A lush garden and paths featuring hanging egg chairs | Go2Africa
Hanging chairs ready for relaxation | Couleur Café

Welcome to a place where charm and comfort come together to create a convivial space. Set in lush gardens brimming with blossoming flowers, each of their exposed brick bungalows could be from a fairytale. Each bungalow is uniquely designed and features both Malagasy materials and craftmanship. Large garden umbrellas and enveloping egg chairs create a quaint space from which to admire the scenery and its natural soundtrack. Indulge in homemade treats like jams and bread baked over the fire while enjoying the meticulously maintained garden.

Given its position in Antsirabe, Couleur Café is ideally located for ‘discovery’ activities including an afternoon spent making a custom knife with a blacksmith. Other outings include a tour of a traditional Malagasy soap factory, discovering local practices and artisans with a picnic, and other cultural excursions. For those looking to enjoy an active day, the Antsirabe Golf Club offers a challenging course and facilities for beginners.


  • Lovely, lush gardens around the bungalows
  • Close proximity to a Golf Club
  • Enriching & educational cultural tours
  • Homemade goods

13. Bakuba Hotel

A large pool carved into a deck overlooks lush trees over to the ocean in Madagascar | Go2Africa
Pool with a view | Bakuba Lodge

A place where creative expression and comfort meet. Conceived and artfully decorated by Belgian designer, Bruno Decorte, this intimate hotel finds itself influenced by ethnicity, Gaudi architecture, and pure imagination. Smooth stone and soft curves epitomise a handful of bespoke suites and the external structure of the hotel. Dine al fresco on the terrace and sample seasonal fare made with local ingredients while admiring a spectacular sunset.

During the day, admire the far-reaching views from the pool or canoe down the Onilahy river, explore the nearby Baobab Forest, explore local villages, and even go whale watching in season. For those who seek the thrill of adventure, venture out in a 4×4 vehicle and explore the Tsinjoriake protected area. Lace up and embark on an easy trek to the Sarodrano caves, admiring various species of lemur along the way.


  • Ample local activities
  • Infinity pool with a beautiful view
  • Direct access to the Tsinjoriake protected area
  • Intimate accommodation with just a handful of suites

14. Ankao Ocean Lodge

Sit back and relax | Anakao Ocean Lodge

Found on the crisp white shores of a beautiful Madagascan beach, Anakao Ocean Lodge embodies beachfront bliss. Designed for travellers who wish to make the most of the azure Indian Ocean, each bungalow is set within 100 metres (328 feet) from the beach. The lodge itself provides a central hub and contains its beating heart, the restaurant. Led by a chef who delights in fusing Malagasy cuisine with both French and Italian influences, fresh ingredients provide the basis for exciting daily menus.

With its beachside locale, water-based activities such as snorkelling, diving, and fishing are always on offer. From its coastal position, opt to explore neighbouring islands, Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana, on a day trip. Further inland, Tsimanampetsotse National Park awaits; its diverse landscapes, wildlife, and the islands’ only salt water lake provide fascinating sights to explore. Alternatively, make the most of the uninhabited beach under the shade of a picturesque parasol.


  • An array of land- and water-based activities
  • Bungalows located less than 100m from the beach
  • Excursions to Tsimanampetsotsa National Park
  • Day trips to neighbouring islands
  • Fantastic fare made with local ingredients and influence

15. Nature Lodge

Tables on an elevated deck overlooking a lovely view | Go2Africa
Dining with a view | Nature Lodge

Found on the beautiful doorstep of Madagascar’s Amber Mountain National Park, Nature Lodge offers an immersion in nature and panoramic views. Elevated, thatched chalets offer views of the lush rainforest and an exquisite bay, Diego Suarez. Each uniquely decorated chalet offers a private deck that invites relaxation and a quiet space to enjoy a cup of coffee  in the morning.

Following breakfast on the terrace at the main lodge, it’s time to discover the incredible natural surroundings. Venture into Amber Mountain National Park and observe the local lemurs, chameleons, and other indigenous wildlife. Fortunately, the lodge is also ideally located for various day trips – discover Tisngy rouge, Ankarana Special Reserve, Montagne d’Ambre National Park, Les trois baies (the three bays), and even Nosy Be.


  • Well located for various activities & excursions
  • Lovely thatched chalets with private deck
  • Panoramic views from the lodge
  • Access to Amber Mountain National Park

Ready to Plan Your Trip to Madagascar?

Be it the tropical clime, endemic wildlife, or off-the-beaten-track adventure, that draws you in, Madagascar is an ideal Indian Ocean island escape. Whether one of our accommodation recommendations stood out, or still you’re unsure of the right fit, our African Safari Experts can ensure the perfect combination.

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