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The world's biggest waterfall and its surrounding national parks are just a couple of the many attractions which draw people to Victoria Falls. But, this iconic destination has also earned a reputation as the 'Adventure Capital of Africa'.

It has one of the highest – and definitely the most spectacular – bungee jumps in the world, along with a long list of adrenaline-charged activities like abseiling, bridge-swinging, tandem parachuting, white-water rafting, and swimming in the world-famous Devil’s Pool.

Other than standing in awe of the colossal 'Smoke That Thunders' during a soul-stirring guided tour of the waterfall, the surrounding area boasts a plethora of adrenaline activities. Here are our favourite adventure activities at Victoria Falls:

1. Swimming in Devil’s Pool

Swimming in Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

Arguably the most extreme infinity pool in the world, Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls is a natural rock pool situated at the very edge of the waterfall. It has been created by millions of years of erosion and is only accessible when the Zambezi River’s water level is at its lowest (about September to December).

To get there, you’ll have to book a seat on the boat that leaves for Livingstone Island from the Royal Livingstone Hotel on the Zambia side of the waterfall. It’s a short boat ride to Livingstone Island, and after a guided walk you’ll carefully proceed to the edge of the waterfall where your guide will explain how to swim to Devil’s Pool safely.

How high is Devil’s Pool?

The mighty Zambezi River falls over a basalt rock ledge and drops about 354 feet (108 metres) down to form the largest sheet of falling water on Earth: the Victoria Falls. Taking a dip in Devil’s Pool can turn into quite an adrenaline-pumping activity as you steady yourself on the precipice and peep down the gorge of water thundering down to the misty abyss below.

Is Devil’s Pool safe?

Admittedly, this activity does come with a big dose of adrenaline, not to mention unrivalled bragging rights. The incredulous looks of your friends, when they see photos of you on a precipice surrounded by thundering water tumbling into a 100-metre chasm, may indicate that you’ve lost the plot, but Devil’s Pool is not as dangerous as it appears in photographs.

Devil’s Pool has a natural rock ledge on the edge of the waterfall that creates a barrier where the water is only a few centimetres deep. This barrier allows you to safely splash about in Devil’s Pool without getting swept over the edge of the waterfall. However, there is nothing infallible about sitting on the edge of Victoria Falls, so please listen to your expert guides who understand the water levels and currents.

2. Helicopter Ride Over Victoria Falls

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

The best way to get to grips with the sheer size of Victoria Falls is to take to the sky in a helicopter. Keep an eye out for plump pods of hippos in the Zambezi and elephants gathered at the river’s edge as you skirt the column of rainbow-lit spray above the Falls and zigzag Batoka Gorge. It’s a massive experience and the only real way to fit everything in when trying to capture the Falls in a single photograph. Known as the ‘Flight of Angels’, this thrilling flip over the waterfall is a definite bucket-list activity.

3. Microlight Flight Over Victoria Falls

Microlight flight at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

Looking for something a little more exhilarating than a helicopter? Take off on a tandem microlight flight and soar above Victoria Falls! Flights generally take off and land at the Batoka Sky Aerodrome, which is near the Zambezi River – meaning you’ll enjoy spectacular views in less than a minute after take-off!

4. White-Water Rafting on the Zambezi River

White-water rafting on the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

White-water rafting in Victoria Falls is a popular activity for serious adrenaline junkies. Considered one of the wildest white-water rafting corridors in the world, a Zambezi River rafting adventure is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities in Victoria Falls. Zambezi River rafting is best during the low-water season from about August to December.

5. Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls

Gorge swing at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

Imagine a giant swing, 393 feet (120 metres) above the water. Now imagine free falling almost 230 feet (70 metres) before you even start swinging! Leap into the air as you plunge into the mouth of the Batoka Gorge on a giant swing that’s 311 feet (95 metres) long.

6. Zipline at Victoria Falls

Zipline at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

At 1,394 feet or 425 metres, this is considered the longest zipline in the world. Zip across the Batoka Gorge and over the water as you reach speeds of over 62 mph (100 km/h)!

7. Bungee Jump Off Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee jump at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

With the waterfall behind you and the mighty river rushing below, bungee jumping in Victoria Falls is certainly no ordinary leap. At 364 feet (111 metres), it’s among the highest bungee jumps in the world. And where else can you bungee through the mist and into two different countries from one spot!

8. Canopy Tour at Victoria Falls

Canopy tour at Victoria Falls | Go2Africa

Offering incredible views of the Zambezi’s rapids, Victoria Falls Bridge and the spray of the waterfall, a canopy tour at Victoria Falls is a great experience for adventurous families. Explore the riverine forest from a variety of vantage points – above, below and within the canopy itself – while spotting bird species like purple-crested turaco and peregrine falcons. Comprising several slides and a cable bridge walkway, the Victoria Falls canopy tour combines family fun with a unique birds-eye view of the surrounding rainforest.

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