Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.

We have a lot of fun doing what we love. It’s the only way to deliver the kind of tailor-made journeys we create for our clients. We work hard and travel often, build strong personal relationships in the countries we sell, and carefully curate the lodges, hotels and activities we recommend. To join our team, you need genuine passion for making other people’s travel dreams come true. Because what we do is not about you, or me, or even our shareholders. What we do, no matter which department we work in, is treat every client’s holiday as a once-in-a-lifetime event that must be as flawless and unforgettable as possible.

If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

One of those interview questions. We’ll go first. Start with a lion’s heart – the love of Africa at our center, add the listening skills of a bat-eared fox, the agility of a cheetah, the patience of an elephant and the family-first attitude of mountain gorillas.

Some things we care about. A lot.

Accountability, it creates trust. Passion, it drives a great work ethic. Innovation, because standing still is the same as going backwards. Respect, which is the foundation of great relationships (with our clients, our suppliers and each other). Excellence, in everything. Yup, everything. Integrity, we say what we mean and mean what we say.

How we roll.

We have an open-door policy and open plan workspaces. We’re keen on mentorship, coaching and personal career development plans. Training and travel are big loves, and we do plenty of small loves (like winter soup days and popcorn Tuesdays). We’re into wellness, whether it’s serious stuff like stress-management, or fun stuff like massages and manicures in the office. We love giving back to our community and promoting sustainable tourism.

Do we sound like your kind of company? Are you our kind of people? Then take a look here at the vacancies we currently have. If we don’t have an opening right now, we can add you to our database of potential Go2Africans.