The Kruger’s private game reserves are set alongside the national park’s unfenced western boundary and deliver the best Big 5 game viewing in Southern Africa. Some of our favourites are:

The ‘Kruger area’ and a ‘Kruger safari’ usually comprise the massive national park itself plus the park’s surrounding private game reserves. Easily accessible via road or air, these exclusive, conservation-driven reserves are home to some of Africa's finest safari accommodation. Whether you’re planning a safari for the family, a romantic honeymoon or a wildlife adventure, you can expect a luxury safari experience with superb service and cuisine, plus facilities like gyms, health spas and private pools.

Best Reasons to Visit Kruger’s Private Game Reserves

  1. Stay at luxurious lodges with spas, gyms, private pools and star-beds.
  2. Enjoy 5-star service and exquisite cuisine – some of the best safari food in Africa by award-winning chefs.
  3. See high concentrations of animals without tourist crowds. There are strict vehicle limits at wildlife sightings.
  4. Experience closer and more frequent animal sightings than in the national park.
  5. Virtual guarantee to see all the Big 5 (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard).
  6. Experience extremely high standards of safari guiding.
  7. Enjoy safari activities like off-road driving for extra close-up encounters, exciting spot-lit night drives and guided nature walks – these are not permitted in the national park.


Kruger National Park vs Private Game Reserves

National Park (Public) Private Game Reserves
Self-drivers in Rental Cars X
Tour Buses X
Guided Game Drives
(with national rangers)
Private Game Drives X
Vehicle Limits at Sightings X
Guided Nature Walks X
Night Game Drives X
Star-bed Sleepouts X
Private Pools X
Big 5 Sightings
Self-catering Accommodation X
Off-road Game Driving X
National Park Access
Access to Private Game Reserves X
Public Camping X
Budget Accommodation X