Walking Safaris in East & Southern Africa

African safaris are changing. As surely as the camera has replaced the hunting rifle, the growing popularity of guided walking safaris has revolutionised traditional game viewing activities. Away from the confines of a vehicle, travellers are now venturing into big game country on foot for anything from an hour's stroll to several days, spending starlit nights at remote lodges or tented camps.

An African walking safari is one of life's most unforgettable adventures. Imagine birdsong-filled days spent following animal tracks, shadowing a foraging baboon troop or settling down in the shade to watch buffalo gather at a waterhole. Armed rangers and professional guides ensure your safety and comfort, and you sit down to a fire-cooked meals and slip into bed between crisp sheets every night.

Prepare yourself for a different kind of safari experience. Set in some of the best game reserves in East and Southern Africa, there are always plenty of animals to see on a walking safari but the emphasis is on the environment’s smaller details – a dew-dazzled spider web, shy flowers and bumbling beetles. Cultural elements come into play as well, whether greeting local herdsmen or sharing stories with your guide. Formal barriers melt away after a day or two, fireside conversations carry on deep into the night and you are left with a better insight into this alluring continent.

Find out where to go before delving into our selection of recommended Africa walking safari tours. We have chosen the best walking experiences in the best reserves across East and Southern Africa. Adding on a few days at a safari lodge or tropical beach resort is as simple as it is rewarding – simply ask one of our Safari Experts for the best combinations.

Walking safaris augment Africa’s other great on-foot experience – trekking holidays. A more mountain-based experience, trekking through lush rainforest for gorillas and chimps has become a must-do activity in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo, while a multi-day Mount Kilimanjaro trek belongs at the top any adventurer's bucket list.

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