Zanzibar Holiday Travel Advice

For general information on travelling to Tanzania, visit our Tanzania travel advice page.

Top Travel Tips for Zanzibar

Yellow Fever: it is not a requirement to have the yellow fever vaccination when visiting Zanzibar, except in cases of travellers visiting Zanzibar from another country that is listed as a high-risk destination or having spent 12 hours in transit within a high-risk destination.

Malaria: Zanzibar lies in the malarial belt and travellers to the island are strongly advised to take relevant precautions against contracting malaria.

Avoid April: this month experiences the heaviest rainfall volumes and, unsurprisingly, the most days with rain.

Dress code: remember that Zanzibar is a conservative, predominantly Muslim society. Travellers – especially women – are advised to dress and behave with respect to local customs and sensibilities. Please ask permission before taking photographs of Zanzibaris.

Ramadan: travellers are often advised to avoid visiting Zanzibar during Ramadan as many restaurants and other amenities close down. Check with your consultant for exact dates.

Other Islands: Zanzibar Island is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago – if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Zanzibar, ask your travel consultant for advice on outlying islands like Pemba or Mnemba as well as Mafia Island further south or simply use our ‘Where to Go in Zanzibar‘ feature.

Flights & Getting Around

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Zanzibar International Airport: located in historic Stone Town, the only airport on the island is served by flights from Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Once you have arrived, take a taxi to your accommodation or enjoy the services of your hotel’s shuttle bus.

There are regular flights from Zanzibar Island to Pemba and Mafia Island, but a boat transfer would take you from Zanzibar to Mnemba or Chumbe.

Motorbikes and scooters can be hired for an easy and fun way to get around the island though the streets of Stone Town are for walking only.