Okavango Delta accommodation is located in both the permanent and seasonal wetlands. This leaves you with the choice between predominantly land-based lodges (focussing on game drives as well as water activities in high water season) or water-based camps that offer year-round water activities (canoeing, motor boating and fishing) but not always game drives.

Moreover, accommodation in the Okavango Delta is also split between lodges located in the Moremi Game Reserve (broadly speaking the central and eastern reaches of the Delta) and those in the Delta's privately-run concessions, set in the west and south. Moremi is one of Africa's greatest game viewing destinations but visitors to the private reserves enjoy activities not permitted in Moremi such as night drives and off-road driving.

A further factor to consider is the changing seasons - the early winter floods, the ensuing dry months and the summer rains all add a different aspect to this extraordinary environment.