Where to go in Africa in December

As the northern hemisphere sinks into the short, cold, dark days of winter, Africa stretches its arms out wide in a warm welcome. December in Africa is when summer gets going and many places are at their best. The climate is mostly hot and sunny while the occasional rains that do fall in the interior cool things down and green’ things up.

Great wildlife migrations are taking place now as fresh grasses begin to cover Africa's rolling plains from the Serengeti to the Kalahari Desert. The herds attract predators in great numbers and safari travellers in December usually enjoy plentiful sightings of big cats in action. Migrant birds arrive to fill the air with colour and song, and Africa’s trees stand in full-leafed glory, casting welcome shade over safari picnics.

Beach holidays are excellent at most Indian Ocean destinations, too, but whether you're planning a safari or a beach vacation (or combination of both), keep in mind that Africa in December is busy. Game viewing is at its peak, beaches at the sunniest, and the traditional Christmas and New Year summer holiday season is in full swing.... altogether making December busy but worth it.

Plentiful grazing means plentiful prey... and lots of big cat action.Plentiful grazing means plentiful prey... and lots of big cat action.

Cape Town, Garden Route & kwaZulu-Natal – South Africa

Cape Town was named World's Best City in The Telegraph Travel Awards for 2014. With mountains, vineyards and beaches all within easy reach, the ‘Mother City’ is one of South Africa’s best-loved travel destinations and at her prettiest in December. The weather is hot and Martini-dry, the beaches buzzing and the mood infectiously cheerful.

It’s the same all along South Africa’s Indian Ocean coastline. The Garden Route, which is an easy drive from Cape Town, is the ideal family holiday destination – think long, white sand beaches, warm waters and golf courses. Further up the coast, the kwaZulu-Natal north coast offers a more tropical beach experience, complemented by big game reserves, wetland parks and coral reefs.

Cape Town is famous for its relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere.Cape Town is famous for its relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Live like the jet set at the penthouse White Cliffs, a private villa opposite Clifton Fourth Beach.Live like the jet set at the penthouse White Cliffs, a private villa opposite Clifton Fourth Beach.

How to do it: Hire a private villa to have a prime position at the best beaches, exclusive use of swimming pools and parking, plus housekeeping and 24-7 security. White Cliffs Penthouse is a 3-bedroom villa overlooking model-perfect Clifton Second Beach while 26 Sunset Avenue is a state-of-the-art 12-sleeper villa set amid granite boulders at Llandudno Beach, Cape Town’s hush-hush hideaway for the rich and famous.

For a December beach holiday with a difference, the South Africa's Kwa-zulu natal beach and safari is an easy paced self-drive journey combining the indulgence of a spa resort with the barefoot-chic of a beach lodge.


The Kalahari – Botswana

Travel to the Kalahari Desert in December and you won’t believe your eyes. Green grass covers the once-baked earth and waterholes that were powder-dry a month ago now brim with birds and beasts. December is Green Season in the Kalahari and if you can put up with the odd afternoon thunderstorm or two (you may get no rain at all), make sure you pack plenty of extra camera batteries because the Kalahari’s annual show is taking place.

Thousands of zebras arrive, snorting and whinnying their way to the lush fresh grazing. Springbok herds give birth en masse, covering the landscape in wobbly-legged lambs just as herds of wildebeest and even buffalo arrive. With all this ‘T-bone on the hoof’, the Kalahari in December is a predator’s paradise for lionsleopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and hyenas.

San Camp in the Kalahari is ideal for meerkat interaction...San Camp in the Kalahari is ideal for meerkat interaction...
...and witnessing the zebra migration....and witnessing the zebra migration.
Delta dawn at Xigera Camp...Delta dawn at Xigera Camp...

How to do it: An ideal add-on to another leg of your vacation, the 4-day Magical Makgadikgadi Safari is set in teeming grasslands at the edge of great salt pans; the Botswana Delta with private guided Kalahari combines a green Kalahari with the Okavango DeltaKalahari Desert and Makgadikgadi Pans.


The Serengeti – Tanzania

December in the Serengeti and the wildebeest are still heading south to the great plains. There is rain around but usually only in the form of short-lived afternoon showers that are unlikely to affect game viewing. The wildebeest herds offer plentiful targets for the Serengeti’s big cats and you are in for some dramatic game drives.

Temperatures are pleasant – it doesn’t get much above 28°C/82°F – and game viewing is interesting right across Tanzania. Elephant-packed Tarangire National Park, yet to receive its main rains, is worth visiting and Tanzania’s easiest Big 5 destination, the Ngorongoro Crater, is green and lush at this time of year. The Serengeti relatively busy at this time of year making it a good time to combine destinations.

How to do it: The privately-guided Scenic Tanzania Safari combines peak-season Serengeti with Tarangire and the Crater while the Scenic Tanzania Sky Safari enjoys a similar itinerary with fly-in simplicity. The Luxury Migration, Lake and Crater Safari goes one step further and adds Kenya’s Masai Mara into the mix for a jumbo-sized safari.

Gorgeous Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is on route to this leg of the Great Migration.Gorgeous Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is on route to this leg of the Great Migration.

East Africa - Off the Beaten Track

Second-time-round safari visitors may want to explore a little further away from East Africa’s more popular destinations. Early rains are turning Tanzania’s Ruaha and Selous reserves green and December is considered a good game-viewing month in both. It’s also one of the best times to visit the Mahale Mountains for chimpanzee trekking and jungle game viewing. Over in Kenya, the Masai Mara is out of Migration season but offers excellent game viewing at low-season prices and pleasantly lower visitor numbers.

How to do it: The Southern Tanzania Safari kicks off with Ruaha and Selous before finishing at an Indian Ocean hideaway. The Spectacular Wildlife and Chimp Safari follows a similar route but swaps the beach lodge for Greystoke Mahale, a lakeside lodge with a rainforest backdrop. If you fancy Kenya, the Luxury Samburu and Mara Experience sticks to private reserves for exclusive game viewing by 4X4, hot-air balloon and even helicopter.

Go on a walking safari at Sand Rivers...Go on a walking safari at Sand Rivers...
... before switching to chimp trekking at Greystoke Mahale.... before switching to chimp trekking at Greystoke Mahale.

Safari & Beach

Not much beats Christmas in a hammock under a gently waving palm tree... but choose your beach carefully as the summer rains are starting to fall across the Indian Ocean islands. It’s not day-ruining weather in December but cyclones are not uncommon in January and February - some places are drier than others, so it's alwasy good to check with your African Safari Expert. Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago, for example, receives less rain in December than the Bazaruto islands further south.

If you want to mix game viewing with your beach escape, this is the time to do it. In some cases you can sip coffee at your safari destination in the morning and enjoy a cocktail that evening on a tropical beach.

Toast your tropical paradise at Matemwe Beach House.Toast your tropical paradise at Matemwe Beach House.
Dive with turtles off Vamizi Island...Dive with turtles off Vamizi Island...
... or bliss out on Desroches in the Seychelles.... or bliss out on Desroches in the Seychelles.

How to do it: Accessed from Dar es Salaam, the Quirimbas round off a Tanzanian safari nicely: the Remote Selous and Mozambique Experience does just that while the Authentic Safari and Beach Escapeis a guided 4X4 safari to Tanzania’s top wildlife destinations, ending at an ocean-facing cottage on Zanzibar. December is also a good month to experience the Seychelles out of peak season. Family Kenya and Seychelles' Private Island opens with an Out of Africa tented camp in the Masai Mara and finishes with a Seychelles private island flourish.


Africa’s most popular destinations are busy and some summer rains are getting started, but for good deals and more of the place for yourself, there are plenty of places to enjoy a classic game-viewing safari or go off the beaten track. Several destinations are at their most enticing now and across the continent there’s a sense of excitement as the end of the year approaches.