Take an extraordinary adventure through the heart of Zambia with our collection of South Luangwa National Park safaris – all customisable to your unique preferences. While this hidden gem may be less discovered than some of its counterparts, South Luangwa offers an authentic and raw safari experience, promising encounters with diverse wildlife and captivating landscapes. South Luangwa is particularly celebrated for its thriving predator populations, with an impressive number of lions, leopards, and wild dogs.

Puku Ridge walking safari in South Luangwa National Park | Go2Africa

A classic walking safari | Puku Ridge Camp

The range of top activities in South Luangwa extends beyond traditional game drives, with lodges diversifying their offerings to include walking safaris, night drives, and more. It’s also known for its exceptional guiding standards, making sure that you gain a deep understanding of the ecosystem and South Luangwa wildlife.

A Safari for Every Type of Traveller

Our South Luangwa safaris cater to every type of traveller, from first-time explorers to seasoned campaigners. The park's lush landscapes and prolific wildlife make it an ideal destination for families, honeymooners, and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

  • Escape to places that set the stage for a romantic safari getaway.
  • From intimate camps to exclusive lodges, experience exceptional service and the allure of safari elegance.
  • Witness the wonder of the African bush with your loved ones and create lasting memories.

Browse our recommended South Luangwa safari itineraries below or simply get in touch with one of our Africa Safari Experts to help tailor-make an itinerary that matches your travel wishes and budget: