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Every single safari that Go2Africa books and pays for on behalf of our clients is covered by our Money-Back Guarantee. We’ve invested in this program to protect our clients from an unexpected cancellation that affects their vacation – specifically a cancellation resulting from a supplier becoming insolvent. Our Money-Back Guarantee is useful because suppliers provide the essential services that make up a safari itinerary: accommodation, transport and activities. An unexpected disruption in one of these services impacts the whole vacation - our Money-Back Guarantee is there to protect our clients from financial loss in the event of a supplier becoming insolvent.

What is the Go2Africa Money-Back Guarantee?

It’s a program that offers a refund for the cost of services (accommodation, transport and activities) that Go2Africa books and pays on behalf of our clients in the event that any supplier becomes insolvent and fails to provide those services.

Rather spend time enjoying your African safari...
...than worrying about what could go wrong.

What can you request a refund for?

  • The cost of replacing the cancelled service, or
  • The cost of getting home earlier because of the cancelled service, or
  • The deposit you paid if the service was cancelled before your vacation started.

When can’t you request a refund?

  • If the supplier was going insolvent at the time of booking the service, or if the service that was cancelled was not booked and paid for on your behalf by Go2Africa.

Some important things to remember:

  • Applications for a refund must be made within three months of travel.
  • The maximum refund is $30,000 per person.
  • You can’t request a refund from our Money-Back Guarantee as well as your own insurance policy.

Pro Travel Tip:

Our Money-Back Guarantee is not the same thing as your comprehensive travel insurance. Our Money-Back Guarantee is automatically included in your safari quote, but you need to purchase your travel insurance separately from an appropriate insurance provider.

Go2Africa doesn’t sell insurance but we can recommend 1 Earth Travel Protection.

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