When is the Best Time to Visit the Bazaruto Archipelago?

The best time to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago is during the dry season, which runs from May to November. These are the cooler, winter months on these six islands off the southern coast of Mozambique.

With year-round warm temperatures and a tropical climate, these islands are quite hot during December and January, which may make travelling unpleasant. From February to March is hurricane season, so if you do visit during this time, be prepared for occasional downpours of rain.


Month by Month Guide for Travelling to the Bazaruto Archipelago: 

Travelling to the Bazaruto Archipelago from January to March

A hot, wet rainy season is happening in January and the ocean waters are comfortably warm during the first month of the year. These conditions usually run until March but despite these ideal, tropical temperatures, this is not a busy time of year if you’re planning to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago. Prices on accommodation will be low as this is a quieter season, and visitors can enjoy the warm waters and relax in one of the many hotel bars or spas when it does rain.

The sandy, Indian Ocean islands that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago are quieter during the off season, which includes February. Despite being a summer month, February is very rainy and may not be the best time to visit Bazaruto National Park. The climate is the same as January, with similar conditions carrying through to March. There is a chance of cyclones at this time of year.


Visiting Bazaruto Island from April to August

April is the start of the dry season in the archipelago and is where to go in Mozambique for a luxury holiday. The summer rainfall has ended by this time and the days are filled with sunshine and tranquil, light winds. The waters are calm, making diving and snorkelling conditions ideal. The rainy season turns the landscape lush and green, making this island the perfect holiday getaway. May is widely regarded as the best time to go to the Bazaruto Archipelago with perfect daily temperatures, light breezes and clear blue skies.

June is usually the peak season for Mozambique but because of the handful of luxury resorts in the Bazaruto Archipelago, it is less affected by crowds. June also marks the start of the humpback whale season.

July is a great time to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago. The entire area has superb weather throughout the month. This ideal climate is ideal for numerous beach activities, including snorkelling, sunbathing and boat tours.

August is considered a shoulder month for tourism on the islands. Lodging and other accommodation are reasonably priced at this time. However, it does tend to be a bit windier in August.


Visiting the Bazaruto Archipelago from September to December

September is the best time to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago for the marlin fishing season, which runs from September until January. This area is renowned for being one of the best big game fishing destinations in the world. It is a busy time during the spring months on these islands – the days are a little longer than in September, with at least two more hours of sunshine in the day.

Prices do rise in October as it’s one of the best times to visit Bazaruto Island. November may be classified as the last month of spring, but this is a very warm and humid month on the islands. There is plenty of sunshine in November with some scattered thunderstorms.

December is when the hot rainy season begins. Prices on accommodation may be cheaper for this quieter season, and visitors can enjoy the warm waters and relax at one of the many hotel bars, or revel in spa treatments when it does rain. Early December is also pegged as one of the best times to see whale sharks.


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